Seikaku-Kaizen-Ho or Nentatsu-Ho

Article by João Antão Marques

This technique can be considered as a technique to improve character as the meaning of Seikaku is exactly character and Kaizen means improve. Also known as Nentatsu, this technique helps us to develop a positive attitude when facing difficult situations.

Nentatsu-Ho is, very often, considered as being a deprogramming technique, as it helps us to transform or abandon bad habits replacing them by positive intentions/behaviors, by focusing our energies to the achievement of specific objectives (quit smoking for instance).

This technique is very similar to the Seiheki Chiryo-Ho technique, in the sense that it implants, in the patient subconsciousness, a thought, idea or suggestion. The main difference being the non-utilization of the SHK and CKR Symbols.

 Close your eyes and center yourself in the Hara. Focus your attention in your Seika Tanden (an area deep inside your body halfway between your belly button and the pubic bone).
 Just be for a while, observe your breathing, silently and relaxed, focusing in your natural rhythm, without seeking to breathe consciously, only being aware that you breathe effortlessly.
 When you feel you are ready, place your hands in Gassho and state “Begin Nentatsu”

Seikaku-Kaizen-Ho or Nentatsu-Ho
 Place your non-dominant head in the front chakra and the dominant one in the occipital, sending Reiki for the subconscious;
 We send, mentally, silent messages to the receptor subconscious or we verbalize affirmative phrases expressing our objective; Regardless of the nature of the affirmation/suggestion, they must be formulated without any type of judgment and always with an attitude of compassion, love, and gratitude; (As it is a technique for transmission of messages, its application is recommended, for any type of treatment, for a period of 2 to 5 minutes.)
 Channel while you feel the need to do so;
 At the end of the session, we remove the hand from the front chakra and channel on the top of the head. In this final stage no message should be sent;
 End with Gassho again.

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This technique can be used either for self-application or with a client. In case you work with a client formulate the message with him to ensure that it corresponds exactly to what he wants.

Messages should be positive, concise, made in the present and never using the word no.

It is better, and more effective too, to send several messages in different occasions instead of long ones.

A slightly different technique is described here below.

 Preparation as above.
 When you feel you are ready, place your hands in Gassho and state “Begin Nentatsu”
 Place your dominant hand in the occipital, sending Reiki to the subconscious;
 When you feel the moment has arrived, keeping the dominant hand in position, place your non-dominant hand in the forefront of the client, in the hair line;
 Allowing Reiki to flow, repeat an affirmation or suggestion according to the situation (work the affirmation with the client to ensure that…

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