Grounding Process Chakra Meditation for Angelic and Higher Self Connection

Article by Ranjini Rao

This meditation was channeled to me during my Angel Therapy course.

1. Sit comfortably on a chair with sufficient support.
2. Light a lamp or a candle if possible.
3. Sit in a clean, non-cluttered room, filled with positive energy.
4. Breathe deeply 3-4 times and become aware of your breath going in and out of your stomach area.

5. Visualise your chakras and every breath. Feel them spinning and actively opening up.
6. Now slowly focus on your Root chakra and legs should be on the ground (not hanging in the air).
7. Imagine small roots coming out of your legs and Root chakra below in a small 1-2 cm diameter hole into the ground. They are trying to reach into the earth.
8. Mother Earth is opening up and receiving your roots and your roots are spreading deeply with her, connecting her element and now you are divinely connected to her energy.
9. Continue breathing, and with one deep breathe in, imagine that you are sipping this energy from Mother Earth like from a straw into the roots and into each and every chakra into your body; every cell is now receiving energy. With this energy, you are asking for knowledge on divine universal principles, divine universal truth, divine laws, morality and divine character from the earth and rejuvenating your cells, neuro mechanisms and bloodstream and purifying every chakra.
10. As you receive these divine qualities, you are becoming divine and one with Mother Earth.

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Grounding Process Chakra Meditation for Angelic and Higher Self Connection
11. By breathing deeply, imagine that at your Root chakra, branches are sprouting from within the base of your spine and creating a 6-inch diameter hole above the ceiling in the room that you’re seated for the branches to reach towards the heavenly skies.
12. The branches are reaching above the sky and the clouds reaching heavenly bodies.
13. Breathe in deeply the positive qualities and divine air from Mother Earth and blessings from the heavens, and breathe out any self-doubts or worries and anxieties that you had stored within.
14. Become connected to Earth and Heaven energy and Light, and feel the divinity and shift in your energy and vibrations. Imagine a white light, divine light as you do so.
15. You are now asking your guardian angels and God to send you all the blessings and energy namely into each branch that represents a character or quality that you wish to imbibe in all spheres of your life ie spiritual, personal, family, health, finance, self -improvements, relationships, friends and relatives, career or professional connects/personal life. Attract Social Harmony and Peace.
16. Continue visualization in every sphere and spend not more than 5 – 10 mins on each sphere and chakra, while thanking the divine planets and stars, celestial divine connections, ancestors, divine spiritual masters, God and your higher consciousness and divine superconsciousness. Become slowly aware of yourself and your feelings, thoughts, souls patterns, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.
17. Let the feelings and thoughts emerge in your stored…

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