Shiva Panchtatva – A Magical Way to Heal the Health

Article by Neetu Jha

It was summer last year when I was doing some healing work in akasha and suddenly I could feel the presence of someone, a strong energy and at the same time my hand moved over the pages of Akashic records and made a divine symbol. I looked up and saw that Lord Shiva is giving a big smile and he is nodding yes. A message popped up into mind “Shiva Panchtatva”. And the journey of Shiva Panchtatva started.

With Shiva Panchtatva, healing of people became very easy for me. I was enjoying the healing people with Shiva’s energy.

Later I started online courses to attune interested people with Shiva Panchtatva energy so that many channels get created for this energy system and can help the humanity. Till date, more than 200 people are attuned with Shiva Panchtatva and healing themselves and their clients with this healing modality.

Shiva Panchtatva is fundamentally based on healing the five elements of the body using Lord Shiva’s energy. These five elements are:

  • Earth as Body: If there is a lack of earth element then the whole body becomes lifeless because all the biological strength of the body becomes vain without this element.
  • Water as Mind: Water element is the center of lymph glands of reproductive organs of both men and women. This element produces the cells of the consciousness of sexual gland, semen and menstrual fluid, bones and marrow and makes the body healthy.
  • Fire as Intelligence: This element is present in the stomach, spleen, and liver in our body. It generates fire juice, digestive juice, and vile juice. Fire element keeps the internal temperature of the body normal and keeps all the organs active.
  • Air as Awareness: This element is present in the chest, lungs, heart, and pharynx in the body. Air is a main protector of the body and produces collective strength. Air affects the heart completely. It is the main element. Air circulates all the internal parts of the body. Activities of breathing, stool, and urine run by air and the heart work properly.
  • Sky as Consciousness: Sky element nurture the body properly and brings the poison out from the body and makes the body disease free. It subjugates glands thyroid, parathyroid and tonsil and others and nurtures the heart. This element generates feelings in the heart.
Shiva Panchatatva - A Magical Way to Heal the Health

Image by Marisa04

By balancing the five elements by any mean ultimately balances the chakras in our bodies.

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The following table explains the Five elements and related chakras.

Chakra Tatva Characteristic
Root Chakra Earth Stability, Support
Sacral Chakra Water Joy, Wellbeing
Solar Plexus Chakra Fire Wisdom, Power
Heart Chakra Air Compassion
Throat Chakra Sky Trust, Creativity
Third Eye Chakra Sky Knowledge, Intuition, Dignity
Crown Chakra Sky Oneness


Lord Shiva has blessed the “Shiva Panchtava” modality with different symbols to heal the different types of issues. You can experience the magic of that symbol while learning that modality from me.

Experience the Shiva…

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