The Jewel Is in the Lotus Spiritual Number 44 – Part II

Article by Saummitta A Mazumdar

Forgiveness is the way of life, it means ‘to give forth’.

The intention behind forgiveness is returning the baggage back to the sender. It implies: giving back, unsuitable, unnatural, foreign, toxic, or indigestible energy, that does not belong to us. E.g.: I forgive you Mom/Dad for not being … emotionally available, you were not able to put ME before family and social norm, career, for not being wise, caring, loving, compassionate.

Forgiveness is relentlessly simple and repetitive. It is hard for mentally gifted beings like us because it does not have a lot of conceptual structure. But that’s how it works. Most intelligent minds are prey for self-sabotaging beliefs, in this case, one, need to be open. Stubbornness does not allow us to let go hence leads to ego-based beliefs.

Most of the religious text has given much emphasis on forgiveness and shedding hatred. It implies: receiving the energy, that belongs to us, back in our auric field to make us whole and complete.

In Jainism, forgiveness is part and parcel of their daily life. The holy event of Paryusana, on the last day of the festival called Samvatsari. Jains utter the phrase Micchami Dukkadam after pratikraman (a ritual of asking forgiveness from all the living being for their sins done to them, knowingly and unknowingly through thought, action, and speech). As a matter of ritual, they personally greet their friends and relatives seeking their forgiveness. No personal quarrel or dispute may be carried beyond Samvatsari.

The Jewel Is in the Lotus Number 44 - Part II

Image by Bru-nO

According to the Buddhist text, we are creating mental Karma by polluting our thought. Other religious texts have similar beliefs.

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The Stepwise Process is:

  1. Sit quietly at one place with your eyes closed (where no one can disturb) lit a lamp/candle, let the fresh air fill the place, open up window pane, light an incense.
  2. If you wish you may keep an image of Saint Germain, Kuan Yin, Buddha (or any other deity, spiritual being you are connected to) on the alter/sacred place.
  3. Take one person at one time connect with the higher self of the person with HSZSN.
  4. Forgiveness is a healing process of identifying a feeling or instruction (belief) which is unsuitable to one’s own nature/one’s own belief pattern hence allow yourself feel the anger, hatred, pain, hurt, guilt shame etc. (associated with person and place). (Akashic Record Reading also helps to establish the connection and heal the issue much faster).
  5. Acknowledging that this toxic, unsuitable, or unproductive feeling or instruction foreign energy, was initially attracted into one’s own space via the like-attracts-like mechanism of matching energy.
  6. Removing that feeling or thought from one’s own personal kinesthetic aura space through visualization technique.
  7. Speaking the performative statement (spell): I hereby return this energy to (name of the person) to whom it properly belongs.
  8. Center yourself: keep your spine straight, take a deep breath, keep your…
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