The Johre Symbol – White Light

Although not included in the traditional symbology of Usui Reiki, the symbol Johre – White Light is a power packed symbol for various aspects of healing. Prima facie, we feel the scope of its application is limited. However, this symbol has the potency to act holistically.

White light, as understood by Reiki practitioners, is the universal energy that surrounds us giving protection like the ozone layer protecting the Mother Earth. Drawn in a vertical manner, the symbol represents all aspects of protection – physical, mental, and spiritual.

Purposes of the Johre Symbol

For purposes of healing, this symbol should first be administered to the aura of a person. As we know, if the aura is strong, it repels negative energy and protects the person from the onslaught of infection, mental stress, etc. The symbol should follow Cho Ku Rei and if being given to an absentee person, then the distance symbol of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen should be added. The closure should be with Cho Ku Rei again.

While administering the symbol, there should be undisturbed visualisation of the aura being strengthened so as to have an impregnable protective shield around the person. My own experience is that when the aura is tackled by Johre, many other aspects fall in their place. It prevents further degeneration of any physical or emotional problems. Thus after fortifying the immunity of a person, Johre can further be applied to other functions. It also clears the surrounding space of unwanted energies and fills it up with positive energy.

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The Johre Symbol - White Light

Johre works miraculously for removal of blockages in the vortexes-chakras. It has a proven ability to work wonders with all chakras. As the symbol connects with the higher universal energy, it elevates the user to a greater level of self-confidence and self-realisation.

In the modern scenario where the heart gets weighed down with unwanted feelings of envy, ill-feeling, rancour, and low self-worth due to cut-throat competitions in professional spheres, the mental and emotional stress that ensues can lead to serious and nagging physical and mental problems. Hence, if the Heart chakra receives regular energy of Johre, there would be fewer incidences of blockages and stress.

Ideally, Johre should be first used on the aura with the symbol of Cho Ku Rei preceding it. The meditative method on the auric field is extremely helpful. For using it on the chakras, each one should receive the energy at least for ten minutes initially. As the blockages start reducing, the recipient will also feel more relaxed. In severe cases, the energy should be administered for at least 21 days.

The method works well also for the purposes of self-healing. Regular self-healing has long-lasting benefits from a preventive angle. Johre helps to ward off negative energies and keeps a person’s health at an optimum level. Hence, Johre should not be dismissed as a symbol benefitting the aura alone. It has the ability of magnified and pervasive healing.

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