To The New Practitioner

Article by Nicole Walter

I first thought of writing an article for Reiki Rays after listening to the Winter Summit. I poured over every interview multiple times, taking notes, listening, and listening some more. I was so moved, so inspired, and so filled with ideas and Reiki energy that I felt compelled to find a way to contribute and give back to the site and practitioners who offered listeners insightful advice.

But, I’m a newer Reiki practitioner, and I feared no one would listen to me. Still, I hoped I could offer advice and inspiration to practitioners even newer than myself. However, as time passed, and I didn’t write anything down, I continued to get more fearful and shy that I wasn’t experienced enough to have an impact for the benefit of others.

I sometimes have the same fear in my Reiki practice, a practice I’m trying to grow because I’m devoted to sharing Reiki and helping others. I fear that I’m too new, that I don’t have enough credentials and associations after my name, and that every yoga studio and healer already has a preferred Reiki Master they want to work with.

To the New Practitioner

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When I feel daunted, I try to remember we’re all working with the same ancient, universal Reiki energy, and we are humble sharers and transmitters of that energy. Thankfully for us, this beautiful force doesn’t see new or seasoned, young or old. It seems people who are devoted to helping and healing others, and it is thankful.

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I continue to share Reiki, even when I feel a little overwhelmed. Most importantly, I try to be Reiki, striving to live the Reiki Principles, especially that Just For Today, I Will Not Worry. I need not worry because there is no limit to who Reiki can help, and there is no limit to Reiki’s energy. And, I remind myself that Just For Today, I Will Be Grateful. My gratitude for Reiki light and healing is infinite because I know the peace Reiki has brought not only me but my family. So, no matter where my personal Reiki journey leads, I’ve still helped those closest to me. I’ve followed the instruction of Mrs. Hawayo Takata and worked on healing myself, then my family, then my friends, and then the general public.

My advice for new lightworkers is the simple reminder that it gets easier – I can tell with each session that I am more confident in working with Reiki energy. And while I always trust in Reiki, I need to trust in myself.

There is inspiration everywhere to keep practicing and healing – just today a quote Pamela Miles’s interview from the Reiki Rays Spring Summit struck me profoundly and gave me the confidence to continue: “The details of how we practice don’t matter. What matters is that we practice.”

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Keep going, healers. Our light is needed.

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