New Moon Reiki Date

Article by Dhwani Parikh

Every new moon brings new, beautiful and exciting energy to us to create something with this energy. This energy is so pure and divine that anything new you sow as a seed comes out as a beautiful plant in 15 days as this energy works in a cycle of 15 days from new moon to full moon. Many times, we are so much into different things of life, we forget ourselves totally. This new moon, use this energy to date yourself and cherish yourself with full of joy and fill in a lot of energy from aura to deep rooted cells and molecules.

Before we start this Reiki ritual, take salt water bath and purify yourself. Select candles with perfume whichever smell you like and burn them in a room where you have a window from which a little moon light coming inside. And play a light, peaceful music in the room. You can also create a crystal pattern of your choice based on what energy you want to bring to yourself. After that, wear very relaxing clothes and sit on a ground on a mat and take a support for your back.

New Moon Reiki Date

  • Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Take enough time where you can feel only yourself and your breath and where it is going from nose to lung, just feel it.
  • Do your Reiki prayer and start the Reiki flow.
  • Think about all the faults of yourself which you know through your friends, family, and outsiders. Accept all the faults and accept them as you are unique in this universe, none like you has ever born and will not born. Tell yourself, “I am unique person with all these faults and I accept myself as it is. I love myself with all the mistakes I did in past and I forgive myself for all these. Those all bad and good moments actually brought a lot of new learnings in terms of experience and help a lot to grow further in my life.”
  • Now think about all the talents or something unique abilities given to you from the higher energy. Feel the gratitude about it. Think about how have you used that till now. Did it help someone? For example, you have great healing ability, did you use it for others? If not started yet, think about how can you use it for society.
  • Now, use all the symbols given to you by your master and meditate with each symbol for 3 minutes and send Reiki to yourself.
  • Feel the gratitude to the universe for sending this ability of heal with Reiki to yourself and others.
  • After this, open your eyes and see the moon and accept the energy from the moon.
  • You can also start a new intention or wish by putting a chit in a Reiki box during this meditation and healing session and pray as it achieved.
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Further, when you have healed your body and mind with Reiki energy, drink a lot of water at least for 24 hours, if possible, just add half lemon juice in that and drink it. Water is energy which breaks all the barriers that come in between. Our body is 70% water so when you drink water consciously, you actually break all the bad energy and clots and all the garbage in your body and helps to flush out that trash out of your…

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