How To Go About Unblocking Sacral Chakra

Do you need to know about unblocking sacral chakra? Your Sacral Chakra is located in your abdomen below your belly button. It is something inside you that holds your emotions.

When it is blocked, your body can have many different symptoms and can go out of whack! In this article, we shall try to unearth everything you need to know about this vital area of your emotional self.

Symptoms of a Blocked Sacral Chakra

You can have symptoms physically including premenstrual syndrome, anaemia and low blood sugar. Other symptoms such as back pain in the lower section of your back, arthritis symptoms, kidney and spleen problems, as well as low energy may also be reported. Not only this, but you can experience a few different physical symptoms as well including depression, anxiety, and more. Here are a few suggestions on how to unblock your Sacral Chakra and how to live a more joyous life.

Different Ways of Unblocking Sacral Chakra

Finding Your Groove

If you seem to be experiencing the above symptoms in your life, you need to find your groove again. Finding your groove can be done a few different ways. One thing you need to do is move your body around more often. A fun way to do this is to turn your favourite music on and get dancing! Dance any way you want and dance like nobody’s watching, even if they are.

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Do Yoga

Yoga can not only be a fun way of unblocking sacral chakra, but it can be a soothing way to do it too. Trying different poses until you find your favourite one can be a fun thing to do! Check out the list below to try the different yoga exercises and poses.

  •  An open angle pose
  • The cow face pose
  • The one-legged king pigeon pose
  • The half frog pose

And the list can go on and on. There are many different yoga poses you can do to awaken your sacral chakra. The drill is to try to experiment with the various asanas until you feel like yourself again.

Essential Oils

Using essential oils is another way to wake up your sacral chakra. You can insert the oils into a humidifier and inhale the aromatic scents to bring joy and peace into your life. There are a few different types that are highly recommended for the use of awakening your senses and waking you up to enjoy life again!

  • Orange
  • Rose
  • Sandalwood
  • Jasmine

And more! However, these are the top essential oils that will help unblock your emotional self and get going again.

The Color Orange

Concentrating and utilising the colour orange will also help you. You can wear orange clothes, look and focus on things that are orange. Introducing the colour orange in your home or office can wake up the sacral chakra and bring about healing energy as well as make you feel energised again, in case you are feeling lethargic.

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Meditating on the colour orange is an excellent way to not only awaken your sacral chakra but to also help you concentrate and focus on the task at hand.

Let go of the Baggage you are Carrying

Do you have things bottled up inside? Are you carrying extra baggage around that you don’t need? Let it out and let it go. You can do this by journaling your thoughts every day or talking to a close friend, relative, or even a licensed therapist who is well-trained to listen to you and give you advice.


Trying these different techniques are an excellent way to open up, awaken and unblocking the sacral chakra. You will feel so much better once you do!

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