Bring Balance And Grounding To Your Life With Wood Oils

There are times when we feel emotionally unbalanced. We turn from one side to another, we may even feel difficulty concentrating or just simply have lost our harmonious being and feeling of unity between our body, our thoughts, our emotional experiences. We seem to swing from side to side as if we’re following the wind that is changing the direction unpredictably and we have no energy or strength to stay where we are.

Each time I feel emotionally unstable I tend to reach for cedarwood or sandalwood. Or when I try to meditate to bring that harmony back to myself with chaotic thoughts in my head it becomes extremely difficult. I noticed that essential oils which come from the woods or trunks are not only making a difference in my mood but also helping me to get more centered and find that unity in my mind, body and spirit.

Essential oils that come from the wood/trunk help us to be more centered and balanced, encouraging the feeling of grounding and unity in our body. These are the oils that are often used in meditation for the grounding and very centering purposes, for clearing and calming our minds as well as for balancing our energy.

Essential oils that come from woods are sandalwood, cedarwood, palo santo, rosewood.

Sandalwood brings our mind into the meditative state, quieting our thoughts and helping us to have strength of conviction when standing against adversity. It helps us be always aware of our spiritual self.

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Cedarwood is like a messenger of integrity and stability. It supports us when our spirit is weakened, when we feel unable to forgive or to continue on our pathway, even if the task or job we are doing seem to be not interesting to us.

Palo Santo is known as a “Holy Wood”. It’s aroma is very calming and relaxing. It brings us energy balance, gently quieting the mind and emotional tornado, it’s known to cleanse the negativity and bring the positive energy flow instead. Palo Santo is encouraging us to remain centered, emotionally balanced, feel peace and calmness inside of ourselves.

Rosewood helps us to calm and balance our emotions, take away negative emotions and leave only the feeling of strength and happiness. It stimulates the energy flow and soothes the mind.

For calming down my emotional storm I love to put couple of drops of cedarwood in the diffuser and enjoy its sweet balsamic warm and calming aroma. During meditation I love placing a drop of sandalwood on my palms and deeply inhale to quickly bring myself into the meditative clear and a balanced state of mind. I love using Palo Santo in a roll-on blend just as it is or by adding other oils. I find it to be very relaxing and grounding. Rosewood I usually save for the blends, I love its slightly cooling, woodsy and very gentle aroma.

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