What is the Deal with Reiki Attunements?

Article by Tracie (Eaves) Talbott

There appears to be quite a lot of confusion with regards to Usui Reiki attunements. Do I actually need an attunement to follow Usui Reiki? Do I must be attuned to Animal Reiki to deal with animals? There are such a lot of forms of Reiki, do I must be attuned to all of them? Do distance attunements work? Can I obtain my attunement mechanically by studying a e-book about Reiki or by watching an attunement video on YouTube? These are a couple of questions on attunements that I hear frequently.

So…what’s the cope with Reiki attunements? Opinions differ vastly, however right here is mine. Sure, that you must be attuned to Reiki by a Reiki Grasp to develop into an Usui Reiki practitioner. The power is in all places and obtainable to everybody always. Anybody can entry it and do power work. Nonetheless, Usui Reiki is a selected system used to harness and focus the power and the attunement is a part of the system. You might be able to do comparable power work to that of Reiki with out the attunement however shouldn’t be the identical as doing Usui Reiki. Mikao Usui developed the system of Reiki that’s on the core of many of the different techniques of Reiki you could discover in Western society. Usui developed the attunement course of and believed in its energy to assist his college students join with life power power. Whereas many adaptions to the system have been made, I really imagine that whenever you make adjustments to the core system, akin to forgoing attunements, you might be not training a type of Usui Reiki, however one thing else. This isn’t to say that it gained’t work, solely that it’s not of the identical therapeutic system.

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What is the Deal with Reiki Attunements?

All the new variations of Reiki might be complicated. As time goes by, every little thing evolves, and Reiki has been no exception. Many techniques have been born from Usui’s Reiki. I’ve been attuned to each Usui Reiki and Crystal Reiki. In my view, as soon as attuned to the extent of Usui Reiki that fits one’s wants, the opposite attunements will not be actually needed, however the lessons can nonetheless have worth. For example, I don’t really feel that my capability to make use of Reiki and to mix it with crystal therapeutic was improved by the Crystal Reiki attunement, however I did study quite a lot of concepts for combining the modalities by taking the course. I imagine that I’m simply as able to channeling Reiki to my pets as to individuals with out an Animal Reiki attunement, however I do imagine that I may in all probability study loads about strategies for treating animals from somebody who’s skilled sufficient to show an Animal Reiki class.

I’ve heard that different Reiki techniques, akin to Karuna Reiki®, Holy Hearth Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, and many others., add new parts to the system and new methods of focusing the power and I’m all in favour of studying them, however I don’t suppose that studying and turning into attuned to them is important for me to offer my purchasers the very best remedy. It could simply be completely different. My recommendation to anybody who shouldn’t be positive about what sort of Reiki to review can be to essentially analysis any system you might be…

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