Archangel Raguel – Looking for Justice?

In this series of learning about less familiar archangels, our times are calling for Archangel Raguel. He is known as the archangel of fairness, harmony, justice and redemption. During this time of upheaval around the world, we can enhance our Reiki practice to include Raguel. In my country, protesters are calling for justice for people with black and brown skin. They are asking for justice for those who have killed, or harmed, them. As protestors around the world have joined the chorus, hope is arising that maybe, this time, true change will happen.

Raguel’s name literally means, “friend of God.” Anyone who strives to live within the natural, universal laws, will live justice. The major religions, as well as all spiritual belief systems, are based on love – love of the Divine, and love for all human beings. When we extend love to all people, we will respond to others’ needs with compassion and acts of kindness. Raguel reminds us how we can be a friend of God, and a friend to people.

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We will also be truthful and have integrity because everyone deserves our respect. When we lie, we are dishonoring others. Greed and corruption, unfortunately so rampant in today’s world, is a message conveying, “I think I am better than you. I should have more power, more money, more material goods. I am not concerned how my actions may affect you, because you are less important than me.” Reiki practitioners have the power to heal this attitude.

Justice is about fairness, a quality that people appreciate. All of us have experienced times when we were treated unfairly, and we know how angry and devalued we felt. Raguel is often drawn with the scales of justice behind him – the balance is imperative. Light blue colors surround him, symbolizing how he can bring “cooling down” aspects to a conflict, or times when injustice has occurred.

Archangel Raguel – Looking for Justice?

There may be times when you do not know what to do in a specific situation – whether it is personal, local community, or global. Let’s look at an example of this. You would like to have solar panels placed on your roof, to use less fossil fuel energy to heat your home. However, you also could use the same amount of money to donate to a neighbor who had a house fire. This family needs many more items than what their insurance is replacing. You can call upon Archangel Raguel to assist in making this decision. You soon have some new ways of looking at this problem. You realize both options are good. So often, we think of one option as “good” and the other as “bad” – a more accurate way to view two options may be “good” and “better.” After more meditation, you decide to do both – give part of your money to the neighbor and save the other part for solar panels. It will delay the purchase for just a few months. Raguel can open our minds to new possibilities, giving spiritual guidance…

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