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The court cards in Tarot can be among the most confusing of all the cards, and we understand why.

Does this Queen represent a person or a situation? How does this card apply to this reading? Am I supposed to take on the energy of this card or not?

Then there’s the fact you’ve got twelve court cards in total, and each one has its own specific meaning; then there’s trying to differentiate between the energy of kings and queens, of knights and pages.

Yes, we know – it’s a bit complicated! And it can be quite overwhelming if you’re beginning to interpret the Tarot.

So let’s start with dissecting one of the most intriguing court cards of all: the Queen of Wands.

What Does the Queen of Wands Mean?

Queens are the second-highest rank among the court cards. Think of the rankings in terms of personal development, rather than a hierarchy.

Let’s imagine you’re studying to be a teacher.

As a page, you are just starting on your teaching course and learning the basics. As a knight, you’ve learned the basics, and you’re ready to do an additional course to improve your skills. As a queen, you’re a qualified teacher now and teaching in schools, guiding other would-be teachers, and helping them hone their skills. As a king, you’re a headteacher, a master of your craft, and overseeing a school with hundreds of students.

Wands, meanwhile, are the suit of fire. They represent passion, energy, creativity, sex, and ambition, as well as anger and recklessness.

So when you have a Queen of Wands, you tend to have a beautiful, vivacious, passionate woman (or man – court cards do not discriminate when it comes to gender).

Court cards can represent people, but they can also represent situations. Pulling the Queen of Wands can also mean there is a situation in your life that is passionate and creative, and you are being advised to call upon the Queen of Wands’ energy to see you through.

Learn more about the different court cards by reading:Understanding the Tarot Court Cards

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What Does the Queen of Wands Mean in Love & Relationships?

If you get the Queen of Wands for how someone sees you, this means they see you as passionate, exciting, daring – and likely very hot! You excite this person, and they are eager to know more. If this is an existing relationship, then you know how to keep your partner interested; you enamor them.

If you get the Queen of Wands as feelings, this person will likely be very attracted to you and eager to take things further.

If the Queen of Wands shows up for the action, they will take towards you, and they are likely to make a move, perhaps an offer of some sort. Since the Queen of Wands is adventurous, this could be a sudden offer of a weekend getaway or an invite to a new restaurant or theatre show.

Wands are fire, and the fire is all about action!

What Does the Queen of Wands Mean in a Career Reading?

If you pull the Queen of Wands in a career reading, then it could be telling you that it’s time to take on the energy of this Queen to help you with your job.

Be creative, be passionate, be daring. The Queen of Wands is all about stepping outside your comfort zone and not being restricted by doubt. This Queen is very confident and encourages you to be the same.

The Queen of Wands can also represent a work colleague who has these qualities. Look to the other cards to see what the reading is trying to tell you about her.

Interested in getting a Tarot career reading? Try our interactive, free 3-card career reading now!

What About the Queen of Wands as an Obstacle?

If the Queen of Wands shows up in an obstacle position, it could mean someone with Queen of Wands qualities is standing in your way.

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Is someone too demanding in your life? Are they asking too much of you or stifling your own creativity and passion?

The Queen of Wands as an obstacle can also indicate you.

If she turns up in the obstacle position, it could mean that you need to be bold and daring like the Queen. Or you may be allowing your ego to get the better of you. Wands are also about ego, and when a Wand is out of control, the ego runs rampant.

What About the Queen of Wands in Reverse?

When the Queen of Wands is reversed, she becomes spiteful, jealous, and vindictive. Her self-confidence turns to self-loathing, and this is projected outwardly. She becomes a gossip and catty, unwilling to accept criticism but keen to dish it out to others.

She becomes almost like the Wicked Queen in Snow White, who plots to take down others to ensure she is the best. This Queen will often smile at your face, but it is a different story behind your back.

The Queen of Wands reversed is often a warning. There may be someone in your life who is behaving in a Queen of Wands “reversed” manner. Or she could represent you. The Queen of Wands reversed struggles with low self-esteem, and it may be time to take a close look at how you feel about yourself.

Learn more about reversed Tarot cards: Everything You Need to Know About Reversed Tarot Cards

How to Make the Queen of Wands Card Work for You

The Queen of Wands is all about understanding this dynamic and spirited court card. Of all the Queens, she is the most vivacious and passionate. Her fire can burn for days.

She is wonderful in terms of getting things done. The energy of the Queen of Wands helps you to plan and prepare events and organize wonderful times that result in fantastic memories.

The Queen of Wands is also a looker!

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She may not be traditionally beautiful, but she oozes sex appeal and has terrific style. Her presence in a reading indicates that it is time to take care of your appearance, try out some new outfits, check out new beauty regimes, and really love being you. She is the Queen of pampering, and her appearance suggests it may be time for a spa day or treating yourself to a bit of glamour and shopping.

The Queen of Wands in a reading signals that there may be self-confidence issues to work on. Positive affirmations and self-development are incoming with this Queen. Some positive affirmations associated with this Queen are:

  • I am bold and beautiful.
  • I will achieve my passions.
  • I am a creative force.
  • I am confident and magnetic.

Use the Queen to Your Advantage

All in all, the Queen of Wands is a welcome card to receive in a reading. She represents incredible energy and drive. With the Queen of Wands present, anything is possible.

The queen is one step up from the knight, whose energy is also tremendous and passionate. But the difference is that the knight has not yet mastered his fire; the queen has learned how to master it inwardly and find a way to control the fire that burns inside her.

This leads her to be a productive, well-rounded individual who is capable of achieving wonderful things.

The energy of the Queen of Wands is especially welcome during this last bit of 2020, which has been a challenging year for many. Her bold and positive outlook is infectious. If you feel like giving up or anxiety is getting the better of you, harness the Queen of Wands’ energy by becoming more like her. This queen looks on the bright side of life and never gives up!

Are you a Queen of Wands? Do you know a Queen of Wands in your life? If her energy turns up for you in a reading, then things are about to heat up!


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