20 Positive Affirmations for Health Anxiety

Nobody likes to feel anxious, and feeling anxious about our health can lead to a vicious cycle by manifesting as physical symptoms and increasing further anxiety as a result. This can be seriously debilitating if left unmanaged.

Affirmations for health anxiety are a great way to break this cycle of catastrophic thinking and reassure you that everything will be ok.

In this post, I’m sharing some of my favorite grounding mantras and how they can help you manage your health worries.


What is health anxiety?

Health anxiety is when you become obsessively worried about your health and may feel the need to constantly check for signs that there is something physically wrong with you.

Of course some level of concern over our health is natural, for example when a virus is spreading, and any serious symptoms shouldn’t be ignored. 

However, if this concern starts to turn into unnecessary anxiety and is affecting your mental health and wellbeing then this is definitely something to be mindful of, even if it doesn’t meet official diagnostic criteria for health anxiety.

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How can positive affirmations for health anxiety help?

Because health anxiety is very much based around your thought processes, positive affirmations are a great way to help  you reframe these worrying thoughts and switch to a positive state of mind.

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While this may not always  give you instantaneous results, the more you use positive affirmations for health anxiety the more you’ll start to strengthen those positive neural pathways in your brain.

Doing this can help you develop a more positive state of mind over time and relieve some of your health related anxieties. 

How you use affirmations is up to you, but many people like to either write them in a journal or say them aloud in the mirror.

For the most effective results, you should practice these affirmations daily!

Disclaimer: positive affirmations aren’t a replacement for professional help, but they can be an effective self-help tool alongside professional advice.

20 positive affirmations for health anxiety

  1. I breathe in relaxation, I breathe out tension
  2. My body is intelligent and it knows how to protect me
  3. I am safe and well
  4. I am attracting positive energy into my body
  5. I am healthy and strong
  6. My immune system is thriving
  7. I am destined to live a long and healthy life
  8. My body has the power to heal itself
  9. I treat my body with love and respect
  10. I am resilient to illness and disease
  11. I recover quickly from illness
  12. I feel more at ease with every breath I take
  13. I look forward to my future
  14. I am filled with peace and gratitude for life
  15. I am healing more each day
  16. Everything and everyone is well in my life
  17. I release worries that do not serve me
  18. I release any tension that I’m holding in my body
  19. Anxiety isn’t dangerous, it’s just uncomfortable
  20. I trust that I am healthy and well
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Printable affirmation cards

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