Lucky Stones

Article by Carrie Anderson

This summer, while on vacation on Lake Erie, I was fortunate enough to find two lucky stones washed up on the shore.

I have spent many hours, over the course of many years, scouring the beach looking for these stones. This year, I tried a new approach. I used Reiki to help guide me along the beach. This is the first time, in five years, since learning of these special lucky stones that I have found one. Unbelievably, I found a second one the next day and they are a pair.

I have been using them as Reiki infused talisman for luck and joy, ever since. I regularly infuse them with Reiki and they bring me much joy and satisfaction. However, I am very careful with them. I don’t take them out of the house and they have a special container for storage.

A lucky stone is not a stone at all. It’s actually an ear bone from a freshwater fish, called a sheepshead. The otoliths (the name for what people call lucky stones) look like polished stones. They are sometimes referred to as fish pearls and are made in a similar matter to pearls. Smooth on one side, with a curvature and a bit bump on the other side. I know that I have a “pair” because otoliths appear to have two letters written on them. The stone that comes from the left side of the fish appear to have a letter “L” on them and this is the stone that the fish used to help it navigate and understand it’s orientation in the water. The otolith on the right side of the body is marked with what appears to be the letter “J”. The L has been said to stand for luck or love and the J to stand for joy.

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Lucky Stones

Historically, otoliths or lucky stones, have been worn as amulets, fisherman have kept them in their pockets to protect them from storms. They have been used in trade and made into jewelry. There is some archeological evidence to show that lucky stones may have been used in healing rituals.

I first became aware of otoliths when I saw them in a store being sold as parts of jewelry. I could easily have bought some at a store. However, I wanted to make sure that if and when I ever found otoliths that I was sure of how they were sourced. I didn’t want them to be a by-product of the fishing industry. I wanted to be able to find them in the most natural way possible. So I’ve spent many summer vacations walking the beaches of Lake Erie. Reiki helped me find my long sought lucky stones. Their long history of being able to bring luck and joy along with the infused Reiki having really made these the gems in my Reiki toolbox.

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Carrie Anderson
Carrie Anderson

Carrie earned her Ph.D in Metaphysics and Energy Healing through World Metaphysical Institutes. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, Animal Reiki Master Teacher and holds degrees in several types of Reiki. Her focus is on Distance Reiki. Carrie is a Master…

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