ASK RMT – Best Way to Shield Myself & My Family Members for Protection during Pandemic

Now more than ever we’re all interested in exploring new ways and techniques to feel protected in the midst of this global upheaval. Read the insightful answers offered by five Reiki Masters to the question below.

Question from B.A.Nagesh:

“I am a Reiki Master who practices self-healing and distance healing in Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki® lineages. In the background of the Coronavirus, which is the best way to shield myself and my family members for protection? Can you suggest which symbol is best for the trauma caused to seniors by the pandemic?”

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Answer from Deborah K. Lloyd,

Thank you for your timely question. This is an important time for us Reiki practitioners, as well as other professionals working in energy healing practices. As you know, there are fourteen symbols in these two lineages. The symbol most associated with protection is the Cho Ku Rei. However, be assured other symbols may also provide some protection to the receiver – and the practitioner.

My Reiki Master taught us that we should use all the symbols to which we have been attuned for every Reiki session. This resonated with me so strongly it became part of my practice, from the very first days. I was amazed at what parts of myself needed healing – things I did not realize needed healing, at all.

The main reason for using all the symbols is often the client does not know what the root cause of a problem is. Or, if they do, they do not report it to the practitioner.

Let us look at a few examples, associated with the current pandemic. A client may ask for protection from the virus, but the root cause of requesting protection is anxiety. This anxiety may result in unhealthy eating, increased insomnia and other physical health issues. Our thoughts and actions may need other symbols (besides Cho Ku Rei) for healing. Symbols for emotional and mental well-being or feeling stable and grounded may also be important.

Another example is a client who is grieving the loss of a loved one due to the virus, but the grief is complicated by traumatic experiences inflicted by the loved one. Reiki will reach into these depths, although the client is unable to identify the underlying cause, or to discuss it with you.

You also mentioned seniors in your question. Certainly, this is a group where the virus has been especially difficult. Many are isolated from family and friends, and others are in hospitals or nursing homes, with no visitors allowed. All of us can help by sending loving energy to this generation.


By using every symbol, we are inviting all the Reiki energies to come into the receiver’s energetic fields. We know the possibilities of healing are unlimited. It is also helpful to add a phrase to your stated intention at the beginning of the session, such as: “Reiki, please go to the highest good of this client.” We do not have to state…

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