Easily Connect to Your Heartspace

There is a place inside of you that knows only peace, tranquillity and unconditional love. It is a constant in your life, regardless of your outer circumstances or your inner moods and emotions. The Heartspace is your true home, in you. It is known by many cultures all over the world and by many names such as ‘God in you’, your soul, compassion for all things, the Vortex, the ‘magic feeling’, your True Self and the Tao.

What is the Heartspace?

A definitive answer to that is still out for discussion. Many religions and spiritual thinkers have made their conclusions but until a consensus decides on its existence and qualities, the Heartspace is whatever you decide it to be.

The physical heart has captivated the imagination for many centuries. It has been considered a symbol of affection, health, intuition and higher knowledge. The heart has its own intelligence and nervous system and is continually ‘talking’ to the brain. It also has its own bio-electric field.

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The Heartspace is felt in the chest cavity where the physical heart resides. The physical heart and the Heartspace are one and the same. When we access the Heartspace we are accessing the bio-electric energy that the heart immits.

When we connect with the Heartspace we feel a range of higher emotions such as joy, gratitude, love, appreciation, freedom, selflessness and compassion.

For as long as man has existed, the Heartspace has been used as a feeling of prayer within. When we feel at one with the Heartspace it is as if our prayers for healing, money, help or love have already been answered, and that is its secret.

What does it feel like?

Everybody will feel and describe the feelings of the Heartspace differently, because each one of us is unique and expressly different. One might feel a sense of expansion in the heart area in their chest, another may feel a warm glow or sense a bright light. It may feel tingly, safe, loving, precious, special, centred, like home, genuine or joyful – whatever descriptive terms you find works best for you.

How do you access the Heartspace?

You may have already experienced the Heartspace and not realised at the time. Spontaneous connection with the Heartspace occurs when we’re in love, when we’re looking at wonderful landscapes, beautiful works of art or engaged in deep spiritual practice.

Easily Connect to Your Heartspace

To access the Heartspace now, please follow along:

  • Place your left palm on your chest. Take a few deep, relaxing breaths.
  • Bring to mind a time when you were deeply relaxed, happy and at peace.
  • Take a mental snapshot of that moment and allow yourself to bask in it.
  • Feel the positive emotions of the moment. Where in your body do you feel it?
  • Allow yourself to intensify those feelings of love, joy and happiness for as long as you wish.

That’s it. Deceptively simple but not to be discredited for its simplicity!

If you’re having difficulty…

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