Ask RMT – Is It Wrong To Charge For Reiki Since The Energy Is Not Mine?

Charging for Reiki is one of those controversial things that each practitioner will have to form their own opinion on, especially if starting a thriving Reiki business is on their life goal list. So is it okay to charge for Reiki or do you rather feel uncomfortable about this idea of exchanging cash for your healing services?

Don’t let this question holding you back from what you wish to achieve in life when it comes to your Reiki practice. Read on the following perspectives provided by our Ask RMT guests and feel free to share your own thoughts on charging for Reiki. We would love to read your thoughtful comments.

Question from Kristin – 

“Isn’t it wrong to “charge” for Reiki, since the energy is not “mine” but flows through me freely?”

Answer from Ashwita Goel,

We shouldn’t charge for Reiki – it flows all the time, when we speak kindly to the salesgirl it flows, when we lend an ear to a distressed friend, it flows, when we do gardening it flows, when we wish well for someone, it flows. I’ve even found it flowing sometimes to strangers nearby who might be distressed, I wouldn’t turn around to someone behind me and say hey, you owe me something!

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Is it the energy we are charging for? Because by that logic, truffles should have been free, not one of the most expensive food items, considering they grow in the wild. And water should have been free – unless someone was creating it in some way. Why aren’t they free? Because it is not the truffles or the water we are paying for, it is the effort involved.

If you aren’t putting in any effort, if you just casually heal someone or if it flows on its own, yes there is no need to charge anything. But if you’re dedicating time – you’re giving something that is yours which hopefully does have some value. If you’re using your space and you pay rent, you are providing a space which is yours. If you are contributing in any other way – record-keeping, follow-ups, a website, anything else, again those are things that are yours that you are making available as a part of the process. So do we charge for the energy? Rarely ever. But when we offer something like this for free, especially if it is offered beautifully, I think we send out a message to the universe that our time, effort and space have no value or meaning.

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Ask RMT - Is It Wrong To Charge For Reiki Since The Energy Is Not Mine?

Answer from Andrea Kennedy,

There is not one single thing wrong with charging money for Reiki sessions. While the energy is free for us and is not ours alone to offer, we have chosen to invest our time and resources into learning Reiki and to practicing it. A practitioner has spent many hours in building a relationship with and understanding the energy; therefore, a Reiki session is the outcome of much preparation on the part of the practitioner. Furthermore, our time is also valuable because there are endless possibilities on how we may use our time. In our culture, exchanging money for goods and…

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