Become A Living Example of Reiki

It is not uncommon for new Reiki practitioners to find resistance among family members and friends about their new venture into energy healing practice. This resistance can take many forms – disbelief; sarcastic remarks; rolling of the eyes; silence, and many more. How each of us responds to these reactions will affect the possibility that non-believers will accept Reiki sometime in the future.

Understanding those reactions is key to potential change-of-heart. Some people fear Reiki. While that may sound somewhat preposterous, it is a fact that energy medicine modalities can invoke fear. It remains an “unknown” to many people, and we often fear the things with which we have no familiarity. We have been trained to accept the benefits of modern-day medical practices, even when some treatments can have risks, or cause harm. Because medications and surgical interventions are commonplace, these treatments are familiar and accepted by most people.

Some people do not accept Reiki because it sounds unscientific, or illogical. In their minds, they see movie depictions of people dressed like hippies of the 60’s, chanting and dancing around a fire. While that may be an exaggerated image, people often associate alternative treatments with people who are different than them.

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Become A Living Example of Reiki

What can we do to correct these misconceptions? First of all, stick to the facts. We need to be careful not to make false claims, such as Reiki will cure diseases, or release all emotional issues for a client. What we can say is that Reiki always brings healing energies to the receiver, and that may, or may not, include a physical cure, or total emotional relief. It is also helpful to give some anecdotal information, such as clients often report feeling calmer and more relaxed; less burdened by a problem; less physical pain; ability to change unhealthy eating or smoking habits. Be careful – make no guarantees. The Divine Reiki Wisdom knows what is best for each individual. Our clients (and we) may need to keep a disease or physical ailment to learn soul lessons, or to assist others in learning their lessons.

The best way to correct misconceptions is to become a living example of Reiki. This does not mean Reiki has to dominate every conversation, repeating how it can help a problem. Rather, this means to gently share ways Reiki has helped you, at appropriate times. Here are a few examples. You’ve lost some weight, as before Reiki you dealt with stress by frequently snacking the wrong kinds of foods. When someone compliments you on this weight loss, you can share how Reiki helped you. A friend shares her struggles with learning to meditate; you explain how Reiki has assisted you in developing a stronger meditation practice, as well as new ways to enhance your spiritual growth. The list is endless as there are many opportunities to share your Reiki story, without becoming…

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