Blessing of the Energy Centers Meditation

Clear and Recalibrate Your Chakras

We all know that eating well and resting well are keys to long life and health. But as Reiki enthusiasts, we also know that even with the ‘perfect’ diet, stress management and sleep routines if our bio-electrical energy (also known as life-force, Ki or Chi) is out-of-balance or lacking, then we just won’t feel as great as we should and may be on the verge of illness.

From cradle to grave, the one common determiner in all aspects of health and life expectancy is the energy known as life-force. It is different from any caloric energy we get from our food and drink and can be boosted in a number of ways: spending time outdoors, having a cuddle, bathing in salt water, certain meditation practices and having a Reiki session, for example.

Chi circulates in and around our physical form, running through a system of complex vortices commonly called chakras. In much the same way that we get sluggish when sitting for too long, the energy system also becomes sluggish without attention and unable to clear what is energetically no longer required.

As part of an energetic hygiene routine, keeping your energy channels clear and free from blockages not only helps to give and receive Reiki more efficiently but can also boost the amount of life-force or Ki, that you can retain in your system. The more life-force you have, the more zest for life you have, the less ill-health you experience, the faster you heal and (anecdotally) the longer you live.

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Blessing of the Energy Centers Meditation

Clear Chakras Move You Spiritually Upward

But having a super-clear energy system doesn’t just benefit your health. Higher and higher states of vibrational energy open doorways to deeper spiritual experiences. Some regular practitioners of chakra clearing experience an increase in ESP or psychic ability and everyone experiences states of extreme peace, happiness and bliss if done regularly.

According to Dr Joe Dispenza, regularly placing yourself in a vibrationally higher state of being changes your brain allowing healing to take place. In his studies, many people have experienced healing from catastrophic illness with the help of regularly blessing and clearing their energy centers. (See Dr Joe’s book, ‘Supernatural’)

A Shortcut to Manifestation Success

If you are familiar with manifestation techniques, sometimes it seems that what you are asking the Universe to bring you, be it love, money, a new job, a new home etc. is continually just out of reach. You can almost taste it it’s so close, but it just hasn’t materialised. No matter what you do, what you desire is ‘over there’ and seems determined to stay there. Frustrating isn’t it?

It sounds like the usual lip service you get from manifestation experts when I say “whatever it is you want, you already have it”, but please, bear with me on this while I try a quick explanation.

It seems that what…

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