Can You Feel Someone Missing You?

Can you feel someone missing you? Our minds are magisterial beings. Their communication with their own kind is unfettered ― defying the laws of nature.

They can reach out to another mind, and stimulate thoughts in it, displaying their divine powers of telepathy.

Sometimes, we’re so deeply in love with someone that we just have this strong urge to know whether they think about us or not.

There are always clues and signs our mind leaves behind to let us know if someone is absorbed in our memory.

We’re here to unveil these signs and help you unravel the mystery of distant thought once and for all.

Mindfulness holds paramount importance when it comes to taming and understanding your own mind.

Practicing it on a frequent basis can give you exceptional self-control, relief and inner peace.

And most of all, it is the best way to ascertaining if someone has gained access to your thoughts.

Instead of breeding confusion in your mind because of constant second-guessing, let mindfulness give you all the answers.

So, how can you practice this ancient art?

Mindfulness requires total concentration. Swaying away to worldly distractions, such as TV, social media will break the ritual, and you’ll have to start all over again.

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Whenever you’re sitting down and trying to understand the source of your telepathic communication, dismiss everything else, and immerse yourself in your emotions.

Remind yourself of all the people who make you feel happy.

As their mental pictures shuffle in your head, you’ll be able to assign an emotion to a particular person.

This person might be trying to reach out to you, and missing you because he/she loves you or has something to say about you.

You’ll know when you sit down, forget about the world, and just let our mental eye guide you towards clarity.

If the thought of a person abruptly comes into our mind, without you forcing it yourself, then it’s a blatant sign that they are telepathically communicating with you.

Lovesickness is often the cause of telepathy.

Sometimes, you feel an intense heartache simply because your lover isn’t in your warm embrace.

And at that moment, your telepathic powers intensify to the extent that they are able to open a very strong line of communication between you and your lover.

He/she is able to feel your pain and experience your emotions from afar, just because you’re immersed in their thought.

Often, someone misses us when they haven’t met us for a long time, and they’re just trying to reconnect with us somehow.

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They might be feeling guilty for having lost contact with you.

If you can grasp their thoughts and actually realise that they’re trying to make amends for being negligent towards you, you can easily restore your relationship by clearing up misunderstandings with them.

Think of it as a mental apology!

So, can you feel someone missing you? Of course, you can.

Mindfulness, meditative thought and condensing your thoughts is the key to understanding telepathy.

Practice them and unleash the powers of your mind.

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