Can You Marry Your Twin Flame?

Can you marry your twin flame? When we meet our twin flame, we are overcome with a sense of well-being, of having found the place in this big old world where we truly belong.

We want to feel this way forever.

We want to marry our twin flame.

But do twin flames get married? Is the twin flame relationship that kind of relationship?

Twin Flame Marriage

 It most certainly can be!

As twin flame relationships have become more common, so have twin flame marriages.

These lucky people have managed to find each other and weather the trials of the twin flame relationship long enough to get hitched.

And if the aim is to achieve twin flame unity and ascension, then the best way is to marry our twin flame.

This is because we achieve a level of intimacy in marriage (especially with children) that is rare outside of it.

Intimacy is incredibly important to our spiritual journey within the twin flame relationship as a shared experience, energy and emotion helps to raise our vibrations and move towards ascension.

But this intimacy is not just achievable within marriage.

There Are Other Twin Flame Relationships

Sometimes it’s just not possible (or palatable) to marry our twin flame. But when one door closes, another one opens.

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There are other types of twin flame relationships we can have.

There is the mentor/mentee relationship, where one twin acts as a teacher for the other.

Of course, both twins are learning in the relationship – one just might not realise it.

Then there is the platonic twin flame relationship, where the twin flames are best friends and partners in life – just not in the bedroom.

And of course, there are those twin flame relationships that require the twins to be apart, perhaps seeing each other only occasionally.

This is fine too, sometimes that’s the just the lesson that needs to be learned.

So don’t think that you have to marry your twin flame, or even date them at all.

You probably will, but you don’t have to.

Should You Marry Your Twin Flame?

There isn’t a straightforward answer to this. It comes down to you.

In fact, we have a tool that we can use for this.

It’s called our intuition, and we are all intimately familiar with it.

It is the source of all those gut feelings, the thoughts that we can’t quite put into words but nonetheless feel like we should obey.

At the end of the day, if it feels right, it is probably right.

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And remember, our twin flame might not want the same thing that we do.

In fact, they often don’t. If they did, everyone would marry their twin flame, and everything would be just fine.

It’s the trials of the twin flame relationship, the difficulties to overcome, that hold the value.

So yes, you can marry your twin flame.

And if you’re meant to, if that’s the form the relationship is intended to take, it will.

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