Connect with Your Ancestors

Our lives are designed by our experiences, stories and belief system that we have been following from our childhood till date. This is the same belief that limits us to the cocoon of our lives with repeating patterns and experiences, unless one becomes aware that all this can be changed.

Practising Reiki for the past several years, I have been receiving messages, but could not comprehend from where or who is sending them, I used to get them in my dreams, whispers in my ear, Reiki sessions, or just a flash sometime during the day.

With Reiki, I realised that my insecurity in some areas of my life was stemming from the deep belief from my ancestors, as these were the subconscious messages that I was receiving since my childhood, and I prayed for guidance.

My prayers, of getting connected to my loved ones, were soon answered. Recently, I experienced connection and guidance from my mom and one of my favourite aunts, who were very close and both left us in a span of 2 months. They had lived through tough times, battling life with family responsibilities and monetary issues, as providing for large family was very challenging. They survived it all through years, and in due course of time were successful and financially secure.

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Then, during one of my Reiki sessions, my mom approached me and said that they wanted to talk to me, and suddenly we were all at their home, enjoying my favourite snack and talking, laughing just like old times. All that I remember after that is one message I received, where they told me to let go of the grief that I have been holding for a long time. This experience was a very different connection, it felt like I was watching a movie, but every cell in my body was alive, and it was very encouraging to know that we are all guided.

Whenever I try to do a connection, I ensure that the place is well lit, and I light some incense sticks or a scented candle. All this to prove to my ancestors that they are welcome in my world.

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Connect with Your Ancestors

Image by Annette Kehrein

Sharing my practice to get connected with my loved ones/ancestors is:

  1. Drink some water and keep yourself hydrated.
  2. Set an intention to get in touch with your loved ones/ancestors to be healed and connected.
  3. Sit in a comfortable position then close your eyes.
  4. Initiate your Reiki meditation with power symbol (Cho Ku Rei)and use the Distance symbol (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen) to connect with them.
  5. Then use your emotional symbol (Sei He Ki) and lovingly thank them for their valuable advice and blessings.
  6. Continue till you are comfortable, and then end the meditation.

As these energies are across dimensions you may experience some of the following experiences.

  • You may feel a sudden chill or a different feeling and there may be innumerable thoughts.
  • Sometimes you may also get emotional, let all the emotions that come to your mind flow with ease. If you feel like crying, do it.
  • You may…
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