Ask RMT – Should I Take a Break from Healing Other People and Focus on Myself?

You’re excellent at guiding others through the ups and downs of life because you had your own pains, struggles, and trials, and managed to handle everything pretty well!

But when life sends our way some challenging situations, as Reiki practitioners and energy healers, should we focus on our own healing journey or support the healing journeys of those who also need our presence?

Below there are some valuable pieces of advice you’d like to consider because… even energy healers get the blues!

Question from Laura Kärppä (Finland) – 

“If something big happens in my life, e.g. heartbreak after relationship ends, should I take a break from healing other people and focus on myself? After all, we are all humans.”

Answer from Karla Sanchez,

Hi Laura,

My automatic response to this question is YES! And at the same time, there are so many factors that take place in this answer. On one hand, I would say yes, mainly because you do not want to attempt to hold space for others, when you may not be emotionally or energetically capable of doing so. And on the other hand, I wonder if your healing journey is one that allows you to compartmentalize your own feelings and experiences during a session, in order to be emotionally available and fully present with others.

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As a practitioner and clinician, my rule of thumb is to fill my cup before filling others. Yet, there are times I do not have the luxury. Nevertheless, I have acquired a great set of tools during my professional career, that allows me to put my feelings on pause and tend to others’ needs. Although there’s always a risk of countertransference (a client triggering your own unresolved needs and feelings) I believe I have enough experience to catch myself and manage any situation that may arise. Therefore, I would ask, how ready do you feel to keep your issues on the backburner during sessions? How recent was the painful event and how much is it impacting you currently? How do you make sure you’re taking care of yourself in between sessions and in your leisure time? How are you continuing your healing?

As we may hold off on our personal needs due to our professional duties, I highly encourage consistency in your own healing process. Being honest with yourself, taking breaks when needed, saying “no” to maintain emotional boundaries and tending to your needs will be essential in order to be fully capable of healing others

I hope this was helpful, and I hope you find comfort and knowledge in my words.

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Sending love,

Answer from Haripriya Suraj,

If you feel the need to take a break and focus on yourself, it is perfectly alright for you to do so. One cannot pour from an empty cup. However, many people find that offering healing to others helps them with their own healing too. In such cases, they may feel guided to continue offering healing to others. And that’s OK too. The decision to make is very specific to each…

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