Clairaudience with Archangel Hadriel

Off late my clairaudience has been going up a notch. Its almost as though I can hear soundwaves in my mind’s ears whenever I seek guidance. There is a sort of a loud clear, gentle but firm etheric voice that guides me whenever I seek clarity. Sometimes, songs play in my head as answers to my questions and it has almost become a game I enjoy because the guidance is sometimes cryptic. And no, I am not hallucinating. I have taken my time to understand and accept that this is guidance from the higher realms and it doesn’t feel dense or scary so I know it is from my Angels. (When I say my Angels, I mean the Angels in general. I just love calling them mine).

Clairaudience is a gift that a lot of us take for granted or don’t fully understand as a gift because when it starts to unfold, it often sounds like our own voice talking to us in our own head. And once we get comfortable with it, the Universe and the Angels show us a whole new world.

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My initial clairaudience experiences were fleeting and far between. I still remember hearing a singing choir of angels for what was a split second (but felt like an eternity) during one of my meditations. I can’t really explain how it sounded, except for the fact that it was pure bliss and like nothing comparable on earth. It left me with tears in my eyes. This was over 2 years ago. Having tried really hard to experience this again, I realized that I was creating resistance by trying too hard so I began setting intentions for this gift to unfurl naturally and gently at it’s own pace. And it did. While meditating with my crystals or energizing them for my clients, I began hearing their sound vibrations and soft messages. And I absolutely love it!

Off late, songs have been a fun way in which the Angels have been sharing their messages with me. And even though I consciously know very little about Archangel Hadriel – he has been showing up for me in his beautiful vibrant light. His energy is so gentle and pure that I almost didn’t realize he was there, until he made himself clearer and more visible.

He can assist you clearing your thoughts and ear chakras so that you can listen to the subtle messages from the Universe and your Spirit team more effectively. He can help you be more like them and in a way, more like your true self. He can help you become more benevolent and loving by overcoming bitterness in your life. Just call upon him and he’s got the clearance he needs to help you out.

Clairaudience with Archangel Hadriel

You can also practice this visualization to consciously activate your clairaudience with Archangel Hadriel.

  1. Sit in a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed for about 15-20 mins.
  2. Ensure you have a glass of drinking water next to you before you begin.
  3. Close your eyes and take your time to ease into your natural breathing pattern.
  4. Follow the rhythm of your breath and bring your focus to your heart.
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