Correction of Bad Habits of a Teenager

Article by Sangeeta Jha

Reiki healing is a magical remedy for all the negative energy and a strong boost to all the positive energy.

Reiki healing is such an alternative method of curing all the problems related to physical, financial, emotional social and psychological, that directly and indirectly, it makes the way to remove all the difficulties of life and the aggrieved soul becomes happy.

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The very meaning of Reiki is spiritually guided internal life force energy. When the internal life force energy of any human beings becomes weak, the strength of the immune system decreases and the disease-causing agent like bacteria and virus attacks due to which, we fall sick. Here the powerful healing by a Reiki healer strengthened the internal life force energy and the aggrieved person becomes healthy. With the help of energy, I solved addiction habit too.

One day one phone call came from Australia; the lady was very much worried about his young son who was a drug addict, alcoholic and chain smoker. She was weeping over the phone and requesting me, “please ma’am help me, I am feeling helpless seeing my young chap in such a bad state.” I told her, “I will try to solve your problem by giving him powerful healing. God is great, definitely, He will help us, please feel comfortable.”

And started his healing…

  • Step1.  First, five days healed seven chakras.
  • Step2. I used past lives key chanting my mantra, “Dear God Goddess, Angel Archangel, Lord Shiva, Maa Kali, lord of past lives energy, please help me to see his past lives, why that boy is the drug addict or carrying bad behavior.”
  • Step3. After seeing his past life and healed him for 15 days continuously his condition improved a little.
  • Step4. I started astral traveling and heal with Shiva energy. 24 hrs. stayed with him with astral traveling.
  • Step5. I created an imaginary and wonderful jacket to protect him.
  • Step6. Continues showering with Lord Shiva energy, which destroys his all types of karmic issues.
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With the help of all energy, within two months of regular healing, now the boy is completely free from all bad habits. Thanks to the Almighty!!!

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Sangeeta Jha
Sangeeta Jha

Mrs. Sangeeta Jha is the Director Administration of Vision Academy India Pvt Ltd. She is a Spiritual/Reiki Grandmaster, Mahalaxmi master, Dushtanashak Healer & Shiva Panchtatava healer,(natural channel of energy & simple intention has healed many people). Sangeeta can be reached by mail at

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