Cut the (Negative) Chord – The Reiki Way

What is a chord?

A chord is an energy thread created either by one-way transmission or two-way transmission of signals. We create chords instantly either by telepathic communication or just by communicating verbally.

Yet, we can create a chord anytime, even by being in a different environment than a person, place, or object.

Living Beings are the ones who create chords intentionally or sometimes unintentionally just by visiting a person or a place. Clairvoyants can see the chords as rope, chain, even a bunch of knitting threads.

Following are a few ways in which we create chords:

  1. Through physical touch and by physically being in an environment
  2. Through verbal communication we establish a link with a person.
  3. By observation or look
  4. Through the nose, aroma/essences or smell
  5. Through the ears by listening to certain sounds/music.

The primary reason for all the above energetic chords is established by generating a specific kind of idea in our mind.

Living beings have an ability to establish two-way chords and chords are either negative or positive.

Here is an example of a loving chord where two people were in love and did not meet each other, yet they communicated telepathically. Most of the time they were busy in two different environments and yet the chord was created between them permanently until one of them has decided to cut the chord at other ends. That’s why chords are not necessarily bad or negative.

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Positive Chords

Positive chords are established to help or heal someone, for aid, for healing and support, and for a specific time period with family members, friends, well-wishers, or near and dear ones.

  • From mother to child vis-a-vis.
  • From teacher to students vis-a-vis.
  • From health practitioner to patient vis-a-vis.
  • From friend to group of friends vis-a-vis.
  • Between spouse; and between the family member.

Chords should be disconnected from time to time to centre ourselves or ground the energies for self and others.

Cut the (Negative) Chord - The Reiki Way

Few techniques that are mentioned below are quite helpful. Do practice them on a day to day basis to cut chord if it’s energetically depleting or negative:

1. From person: Visualize the person in front of you, say cut thrice, and move your hand in front of you, close to your body 6 inches away, like a scissor.

2. From negative thought sending out to another person, cut chord by using your hand as a chopper and move the blade thrice over the third eye.

3. Cut chord from object/person: by changing your own energy through changing the form of your desire/certain harmful thought, irrational idea, what we can do:

  • Cut the chord just by pulling it out by hand whenever possible and sending it to the Violet Flame, and visualize it burning and turning it into ashes as and when it is established with another person through will. Many spiritual aspirants use ”will” to disconnect/cut chords with negative thought pattern/s.
  • If you wish to desire something or someone, establish a positive chord.
    In this case, two points should be…
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