Does Reiki Change Your Destiny?

All human beings without exception encounter certain hindrances and challenges in their lives. Many of us invest our best efforts in a bid to overcome our respective challenges and sometimes we succeed and sometimes we don’t. When we don’t succeed we often blame destiny for our failures.

Those of us who have some interest in astrology also know that the energy of the stars does affect our lives. At the time of birth of a child, the alignment of the stars is in congruence with the karmas of the soul in previous lives. So destiny does operate. But what if it has certain events in store for us which do not work in our favour. Should we give up then?

Let us suppose a person has a chronic health condition showing up in his birth chart. So should he accept that he is destined to suffer and give up on the possibility of cure? Of course not. He would still approach a medical doctor and the prescribed medicines could alleviate his malady or maybe even cure it. But what if the medicines do not offer much relief. Would he give up then? No, not even then. Many times, our problems – physical or emotional are rooted in our energy body. And that’s where we need energy healing like techniques like Reiki.

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Does Reiki Change Your Destiny?

Reiki uses the Universal life force to clean our aura and our energy body of all the negativity that we accrue everyday because of our own negative thoughts or negative people in our surroundings. While Reiki cannot change your destiny, it can help you weave a new one. When we clean our energy body on a daily basis, our energy vortexes (chakras) work at their maximum functionalities. As a result, we banish the chronic stress resulting in better emotional and physical health. At the same time, Reiki helps us improve our relationships resulting in our overall growth as a soul. Reiki helps us attract the right relationships and escape the negative ones. By escalating our energetic dynamics, we can certainly minimize the negative impact of the circumstances. We also gain better insights to get over adverse situations in a shorter span of time.

We are all evolving at our own pace and the more we are aligned to Universal energy, the lesser the impact of destiny. But until the time we are fully liberated from the strings of destiny, we have to keep striving for that liberation. Reiki helps us do exactly that. The more we progress onto our Reiki journey, the more we realize our oneness with the Universal energy, we become ‘Reiki’ and that is when we start recreating our destiny.

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Love and Light

Article by Dr. Jayashree Ramana

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Dr. Jayashree Ramana is a scientist and nutritionist. She uses Reiki healing as a part of her holistic healing program.
She is Usui Reiki Grand Master and practices Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Crystal healing, Lama fera, Magnified healing,…

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