Life Lessons in Reiki Practice

Article by Deborah Lloyd, Reiki Master

Anyone who has practiced for more than a few months will affirm they have already learned many important life lessons. The longer one practices this beautiful energy healing modality, the more one learns! While each person’s experience is unique, there are some lessons learned that are common to many. Let’s look at some of these:

  • Mind/body/spirit connection is constant and instantaneous.

    Most people believe in this connection; however, Reiki practice demonstrates the connection is never ends and is never broken. As a practitioner becomes more sensitive to energy blockages, shifts and other movements, she will experience how a client’s thought immediately affects the energy in a chakra or specific area of the physical body.

  • Energy is everywhere.

    The dynamics and characteristics of energy are not yet well understood in today’s world. Each person’s thoughts and actions have an effect on everything else in the world. Sending out positive energies through Reiki, prayers and positive thoughts creates a ripple effect; likewise, having negative thoughts and actions manifest into more negativity on earth. When we hold onto negativity, it certainly affects every part of our being and other living beings.Life Lessons in Reiki

  • Spirit World is always available for assistance.

    Reiki teaches us connecting to the Universal Life Force is as simple as saying Reiki three times, drawing the symbols or setting the intention. When we do this frequently, preferably daily, we are reminded of the Universe’s desires to help us, in whatever ways contribute to our highest good. We learn to work with Reiki Spirit Guides and other celestial beings as they join us in Reiki work. The more we use Reiki, the easier it is to detect their presence during the sessions, and throughout our days.

  • Setting intention is vital to a happy and peace-filled life.

    Every time we do Reiki for others, and ourselves, we are setting an intention. It may be for a specific physical ailment or other concern. When we add the intention for the person’s highest good, we can be sure the knowledge of unconditional love and peacefulness will be part of the healing session. Reiki practitioners soon develop a habit of becoming more intentional during their lives.

  • Each person is on his/her own spiritual path.

    As we work with more clients, who often share their spiritual journeys with us, we see the wide variety of the many ways healing occurs. This sharing is an amazing gift to each of us as we awaken to a fuller awareness of how individual paths vary – and have similar themes and lessons.

  • Self-care is essential.

    As with all caregiving professions, the practitioner must learn to care for himself. Working with people is both life-fulfilling and at times, it can drain our energies. We must find the right balance of work and relaxation or play, sadness and joy, giving and receiving. We must keep our “cups full,” or we are at risk of fatigue or burnout.

  • Healing…

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