Energy Clearing Spray For Empaths

I personally love working with essential oils for emotional support and combining them with energy healing. And I find them to be very effective in that way. There are of course essential oils which are more strong for energy clearing and energy work, but all of them are beautiful in its own way. My personal favorite oils for clearing energy are angelica, eucalyptus, fennel, hyssop, juniper, lavender, myrtle, pine, rosemary, sage, palo santo.

In general all of the essential oils have a tendency of clearing negative energy, raising our vibrations, raising our energy. 

When it comes to creating an energetic spray there is one rule I want to stress out – when it comes to energy you don’t want to use a lot of essential oils, just a tiny amount will do a great job, and in many cases even the smaller amount can create a better result from the energetic perspective.

Depending on your situation and desired outcome you can create various sprays to clear your space from negative energy, to help you release negative emotions and thoughts, uplifting your emotionally.

Here I want to make a spray specifically designed for empaths. As an empaths we tend to easily absorb negative emotions and energy from other people and anything that surrounds us. We can also take as our own and struggle from time to time. This blend is intended to clear the negative energy that we take, release negative emotions that are not ours and create energetic barrier to protect us from absorbing all sort of negative energy from outside. 

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Ylang Ylang I find to be really good for healing our inner child, for releasing negative emotions.

Cedarwood is great for helping us to stay more focused, more centered and to calm down all this chaos and chattering in our heads.

Angelica is fantastic for clearing our own personal space form negative energy.

Pine is really good for empaths, it helps to create this energetic barrier, stay strong and deflect the negative energy that comes from outside.

For making a spray you need to have an empty spray bottle, either glass or pet plastic, distilled water and your essential oils. For 30 ml spray bottle keep the amount of essential oils at 6 to 8 drops total. Shake it before use.

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