Essential Oil for the Reiki Practitioner

Article by Norman W. Wilson, Ph.D.

Much has been written about the use of essential oils and their role in Reiki. Probably too much has been said and here I am adding something more. You will see there is a difference in what I am about to reveal to you and what has been previously written. A couple of definitions will help set the stage.

First, a gentle reminder. What is Reiki? Simply put, Reiki is the realignment of energy in a living entity and the dissolution of any blockages that may be preventing self-healing. I believe there is a universal agreement that the Reiki Practitioner functions as a conduit, acts as a clearing tool, and does not do the healing. Universal energy does, albeit directed by the Practitioner. It is recognized that there are areas for discourse in the above statements. I ask, for the purpose of this article, you accept my explanation.

The use of oils has been around for thousands of years, however, the concept of essential oils and their umbrella term, Aromatherapy is relatively new and was coined by a French chemist, Renee-Marice Gattefose in 1937. This is a few years after Dr. Mikao Usui introduced his technique we now call Reiki. It is a natural marriage for essential oils and Reiki to come together in a “healing session”.

Essential Oil for Reiki Practitioner

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We have essential oils for the seven chakras, for burns, muscle issues, skin conditions, stomach, and headaches. There are essential oils for the feet, immune system, and for meditation. But what happens when the Practitioner’s energy is drained, when her or his connectivity to cosmic energy is deflated? If you are like me, after several sessions I feel drained. That condition is not beneficial to one’s clients. You may very well say, and rightfully so, that proper scheduling would eliminate that. Not necessarily.

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Reiki Practitioners are human beings and like everyone else are susceptible to physical and emotional issues especially if they have been subjected to negative energy from clients. To combat the loss of cosmic energy I asked my aromatherapist, Susanna Mantis, to create an essential oil for me. The intent is not to use this oil on my clients but to place a drop on my wrist. It takes only twenty seconds for an essential oil to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Within twenty minutes, it has been absorbed by the whole body—effective and powerful. I feel refreshed and energized.

Because I am fussy about the origin of the oil, it took some time before my blend was created. Several trial runs were included. The essential oil blend Susanna created for me consists of Indian Amber, Clary Sage, Frankincense, and Cedarwood placed in Argon Oil. Hopefully, you have an aromatherapist accessible to you. If not, you may wish to contact Susanna at or at

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