Healing with Forgiveness

Article by Sneha Khanna

There have been times in all our lives that we have felt hurt, angry, maybe even betrayed! We cannot control the situations and people in our lives. Neither can we control how we feel in certain situations, we can, however, control what we choose to do with those emotions that we feel. It is easy to feel sad, hurt or angry when someone does something that is not in your idea of faith, loyalty, or even love – be it any relationship. It is okay to feel dejected, hurt or frustrated. But only momentarily. Though it is important to feel all your emotions, it is not healthy to hold on to them.

In such situations, it is important to forgive from your heart. It may seem impossible in the beginning because emotional healing is difficult initially, but it is extremely crucial for you to forgive in order to move ahead.

I have been practicing these three steps below every day before going to bed and only in a couple of months, the emotional shifts I have experienced from within, are tremendous. Do give it a shot, it might help you as well.

  1. Seek forgiveness from the bottom of your heart from all souls who you may have consciously or subconsciously hurt or harmed in this lifetime or any other lifetime across all space, dimensions and time. Request for blessings from them. It is not necessary to think of particular people or animals, just an intention to seek forgiveness from all is enough. Trust that your angels have heard your prayers and are working as intermediaries for the highest good of all involved.
    Healing with Forgiveness

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  2. Forgive all souls who may have hurt or harmed you consciously or subconsciously in this lifetime or any other lifetime across all space, dimensions and time. Ask your angels to bless them abundantly. As you do this a couple of times, you will notice that you are beginning to feel lighter and happier over time.
  3. Forgive yourself for all you self-sabotaging and other self-limiting beliefs and self-talk that doesn’t serve your highest good across all lifetimes, space, dimensions and time. Ask your angels to bless you as well with all that is for your highest good and trust that everything is in flow and you are receiving blessings from the universe. Over days to weeks, depending on the intensity of the self-limiting beliefs that you have imposed on yourself in the past, you will notice that as you practice self-forgiveness, you begin to blossom and automatically watch your self-talk, which results in uplifted self-confidence.
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In addition to seeking forgiveness just before bed, if you feel your days are not particularly riding high, you can also seek forgiveness during the day as you feel guided.

These are three simple but highly effective steps that have helped me feel lighter and happier. After all, love is all that matters in the end and where there is love, there is no space for grudges – be it for oneself or others. Small steps each day can help us make big changes in our lives.

Keep smiling and keep…

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