Finding my Way with Reiki and Angels

Article by Sneha Khanna

Being a Crystal Child and a natural empath, I can feel and sense the emotions and pain of others as my own. This has been the case with me since I was a child but it is only in the recent years that I have consciously understood and recognized this gift. It may not always sound and feel like a gift – but it truly is. How can one heal others if one doesn’t feel the pain themselves? How can you know how to help someone if you don’t know how they feel? I have learned and practice many healing modalities since, however, my primary connect is with Reiki, Angels, and Crystals.

My first encounter with Reiki was as a child. My grandmother would keep extremely unwell and our neighbor would come over to channel Reiki energy to her. This would improve her health remarkably for some time. As a 7 years old, I was enamored by how my neighbor’s cupped hands, being placed on my grandmother, would magically transform and improve her health considerably. It was then, that I decided, that I too will learn Reiki and I will help people heal as well.

Life went on, I finished schooling but Reiki was always at the back of my mind. I still wanted to learn. Then one day out of the blue, I found my first Reiki teacher through my aunt. We learnt from her and I began practicing and that is when I began to truly understand my empath abilities. I could feel the insides of my body change depending on who I passed healing to. I would become like a mirror that reflected the energy spots that needed healing in my healees – humans and animals alike. I would feel uplifted passing healing to nature and Mother Earth. Nature and animal healing is one of my favorite healing sessions even today!

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Having had a relatively unconventional childhood, I surprisingly somehow always got what was best for me. Things just had a way of falling into place – whether it was expensive schooling or some other things that in the “realistic” sense of the world would seem out of bounds for non-believers. I was always taken care of, magically. I would think to myself that I’m probably lucky. Little did I know that my “Luck” was Reiki and my Angels looking out for me preparing me to reach this point in my life.

Finding my way with Reiki and Angels

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Today, when I look back, I feel humbled and blessed that the universe, Reiki, and my angels have helped me walk this path with all the ups and downs and have made me come out of these unscathed. I feel grateful that they continue to teach, guide, bless and protect me and my family, tirelessly. I feel blessed that they have filled my life with people who love me no matter what.

The reason I came out with my story, was because I felt strongly guided to share with everyone, that when you choose to walk a path from the bottom of your heart and with unwavering faith, in the most innocent and pure form, your Angels strive to make it happen for you. Just like me, you too will be protected and well looked after if you just call upon…

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