Balancing Chakras With Essential Oils

Everything has energy and so does our body. Chakras, also known as “wheels of life”, are the energy centers in our subtle body, they are the vital force of our well-being. When the energy passes through these centers freely we experience harmony within ourselves, everything seem to work out in our lives, we have good health emotionally and physically.

Daily life can bring to us stress, influence our thinking which might be not aligned with what we truly stand for, physical illness and many more things which are known as normal these days. All that can create imbalances in our energy flow. When some of the chakras are blocked or not working properly either have excessive energy flow or very weak, we may experience emotional imbalances, impulsiveness, health problems, obsessiveness.

It’s important to always maintain balance in our chakras. Luckily we can have control over it and keep the energy flow freely and harmonious by using different methods, like yoga, meditation, relaxation, aromatherapy.

Essential oils have been used from unknown times for spiritual purposes and they are still very relevant today. Essential oils are natural holistic tools which promote wellness on different levels in our body, emotional, physical and spiritual.

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Our physical and emotional/mental wellness is inextricably linked together. Negative thoughts affecting our health in negative way and positive thoughts can even cure some of the physical illnesses. And vice versa.

To align our chakras we can use these natural tools, essential oils, to create a harmony in our energy flow. We can symbolically apply them on chakra levels, we can diffuse them in a room, we can use them in massage oils, take a bath, inhale directly or use specific oils for re-balancing specific chakras.

Muladhara or Base Chakra.

This is the first chakra in our energy system, located in the very base of our spine, associated with the basic needs, survival instincts like shelter, food, our belonging. It’s a foundation of our being. When this chakra is imbalanced we feel insecurity, fear, low self-esteem, we become needy and may have excessive negativity in our thoughts and behavior.

There is a number of essential oils which can help balancing the energy of this chakra. These are grounding, centering and strengthening essential oils, that helps you to connect with the earth. You can always choose the one your prefer by listening to your intuition. I always use different oils depending on the situation, availability and my inner guidance.

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Vetiver is one of my favorite. It’s a very energy balancing oil and is very useful whenever you need to be brought into closer contact with the earth, to ground and center your energy.

Vetiver helps to bring all the chakras into harmony, balance and alignment with each other. It creates a strong foundation for the energy flow. It helps us to remain calm, stops the swirling on the mind, gently steadies and calms our inner disquiet. It encourages growth,…

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