Forgiveness – The Foundation of Healing

During our life journey, we encounter several negative or unpleasant experiences. These leave behind several hurts or emotional injuries and can upend our lives. These wounds affect our physical and emotional health too. So it is important to forgive the people who brought about these experiences, so as to release their energy from our aura. However, forgiveness can be hard at times, especially when the hurts are deep and are caused by someone we trusted and relied upon. It could be a parent, spouse, dearest friend or anyone close.

Forgiveness does not mean putting up with someone’s bad behaviour or condoning their illogical actions. It simply means releasing the pent-up anger and moving on from the situation or the person at the mental and emotional levels, whether it happened a while ago or years ago.

Forgiveness is the most quintessential step to healing and the most fundamental quality we need to cultivate in order to have balanced and harmonious relationships. In this regard, the following practices/steps prove to be immensely useful.

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1. Integration

We have been taught to suppress our anger or sometimes we are forced to do so because of professional or personal obligations. Integration is a powerful process to eliminate all the undesirable emotions including anger and resentment. So instead of venting out your anger on the concerned person, you sit with yourself in the luxury of your solitude for a few minutes whenever you feel the need. Acknowledge/accept your emotions (anger, sadness, frustration, anything) without judgement. Express them by screaming physically or mentally and release them right there, setting yourself free. Relax for few minutes or until you feel better.

Forgiveness - The Foundation of Healing

2. Cutting the cords

As we go through our lives, we form energetic cords with various people and situations, which drains our energy. This results in weakened digestion and other health problems.

  • Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and breathe deeply.
  • Focus and get into a meditative state and invoke upon your angels. You can invite Archangel Michael since he carries a huge golden sword.
  • Request him to cut the cords connecting you to the hurtful person or situation.
  • Visualize the cords being cut by him and feel free.
  • You can even pronounce it three times, “Cut, cut, cut” while doing this exercise.
  • Place your hands on your Heart chakra and let the loving Reiki energy flow and fill it, until you feel the shift towards a sense of detachment from the feeling of hurt and land in the state of peace.

3. Surrender and let Mother Nature do its work

At times, our perception about persons or situations may be much worse than it actually is. Sometimes, it is nothing more than a misunderstanding or difference of opinion. So whenever thoughts of vengeance arouse, open your arms towards the sky and let the Divine Power decide the right course. Breathe deep and…

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