Grief, Wounds & Reiki – Part 1 of 5

I first wrote the words below on June 10, 2020, the day that would have been my dad’s 66th birthday; my first father, my biological father, lost his life when I was 5 years old (35 years ago). Though I needed some time to process through it all and look at what I wrote again with fresh eyes. Grief has no concept of time, and our wounds are often deeper than we realize and are healed in layers, like an onion, as after each layer there is another to be looked at and more tears are shed and a deeper healing occurs. Some wounds will come up that we didn’t even know were there.

This series of 5 blogs will highlight the grief and wound journey within and how, with the support of Reiki’s loving healing energy, we are able to connect even deeper within ourselves and connect with our beautiful heart, as we move one step closer to healing the wounds and grief that create the blocks and walls around our heart.

So, it begins….this journey From Head to Heart. We may have our own very personal journey, but we are connected to many others as well who share similar stories, similar hopes, and similar dreams. It is my hope that this message will reach those who need it today and resonate within their heart.

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With much love, compassion, hope, peace and gratitude.


Jennifer Cluley
a guide on your journey From Head to Heart

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Song of Inspiration for today’s blog below: Bee Gees – How Deep is Your Love

The last couple days I have not posted as much as I would have liked on social media. I have been sitting with and processing through a lot. Not just what I am affected by on my own personal journey, but all that has been happening (or happened) within my own family, in my own town, province, country and throughout the world.

Through talking with a friend yesterday and with my husband, I came to the realization that there will be times that I am to be receiving the messages I need that day for my own healing journey and not always sharing messages with others. There will be times I will need to just sit, relax, process, cry and feel all the feels and there will be times I will be able to uplift and encourage others. Though for me, I can now easily go back and forth doing this throughout the same day. I can move from grief one moment, to one of joy very quickly, though being able to do this did not happen overnight.

Not all I share and do is for a bigger purpose, sometimes it is to connect with those closest to me – my children, husband, friends and family, and allow that to ripple out into the world through my interactions with others.

Last year for me I experienced the dark night of the soul for an entire year where I felt the pain. I mean emotionally and energetically felt all the pain that I have caused others in my journey due to my wounds, fears, and trauma which stemmed mostly from childhood. For me, the majority of that revolved…

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