Healing Solar Plexus Chakra With Essential Oils

Essential oils are powerful tools to be used in helping us to align the energy of the Solar Plexus chakra. Before starting using essential oils it’s essential to understand what Solar Plexus is about. This chakra basically represents the measure of a degree of control in our daily life; it also represents the vibration which aligns our consciousness to the feeling of knowing of our position in life.

The element of Solar Plexus is fire, it’s located just above the navel around our solar plexus area; and it’s also associated with our adrenal glands and pancreas. It’s all about self-identification. Solar Plexus represents our self-esteem, will power, self-identity, courage, control.

When it’s in alignment that’s when we feel we are in control of our lives, we have clear sense of direction and purpose in life, we have strong self esteem, sense of self-worth, we know when and how to surrender to life. Surrendering doesn’t mean to give up, but rather being in alignment with life. We also have good digestion, not just physical but also emotional and spiritual, ability to digest information we receive from the outside world.

Solar Plexus is also associated with our intuition. There is a saying like I feel it in my guts. It’s also a center where we receive psychic hooks and energy cords.

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When this chakra is out of alignments we may feel shame, anger, being powerless, out of control, being a victim, feeling of being manipulated by others or by life or Universe, we may have control issues like being overly controlling, critical, digestive issues, nervousness, resistance.

From essential oils here we want to bring the energy which are good for digestive system, energy that helps us to be more centered, focused, to have better sense of direction and purpose, courage, to have stronger self-esteem and self worth, empowering essential oils.

Essential oils that have strong affinity with Solar Plexus chakra are aniseed, cardamom, tarragon, peppermint, lemon, grapefruit, cedarwood atlas and virginian, pine, juniper, frankincense, hyssop, helichrysum, roman chamomile, vetiver, ginger.

In general you can use any of the oils which have affinity with this chakra, and they will affect the energy and help to balance it. But also it’s essential here to pay attention to the physical condition (if you have any of the digestive issues) and have a look at your emotional side. What do you feel, what emotions do you experience on the level of Solar Plexus chakra.

For example, if you experience anger and have heartburn, bringing the energy of roman chamomile and peppermint can be beneficial. Roman chamomile helps to cool down the anger, it helps us to surrender to life, also it helps with digestion, physical, emotional and spiritual. Peppermint also helpful for digestion and it brings us to have more sense of clarity and direction that we need to take in life.

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If, for example, you feel you’ve…

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