Creative Ways to Use the Zibu Symbol of Release

Healing with Angelic Zibu Symbols – Release

Often our patterns, thoughts, actions create blocks and stagnation in our lives and we feel energetically stuck and drained. We feel our lives are not moving forward and we are stuck in the same loop over and over.

With my personal experience with working with Angelic Zibu Symbols, they work miracles and wonders almost instantly in areas of our life that need healing. In order for healing to take place, we need to first release our old thoughts, patterns, and behaviors – to create space for new and refreshed energy and life! Hence, this is a first in a series of Zibu symbols that I am guided to share about – The Zibu Symbol for Release.

Zibu symbols are angelic symbols that were first channeled through Debbie Almstedt by the Angelic Realm. Since then, they have become increasingly known and widespread in healing and other, day to day assistance from our beloved angels. You need not know Reiki or any other healing modality for these to work. Just a pure heart and intent is the biggest tool you can have!

In Angelic language – as channeled to Debbie Almstedt, this symbol is called “RAKUNA” (pronounced as Rah-Kuh-Nah). Often the Zibu symbols are associated with a particular colour and crystal, but whenever I have used them, they have automatically taken on the colour of healing that is needed for the moment that may or may not be the colour mentioned in particular. The colour for “Rakuna” as channeled is blue. It is said that you can draw it on paper or in the air – I have always drawn them in my mind’s eye or visualized them – feel free to draw them as you feel guided.

Healing With Angelic Zibu Symbols – Release


Here are 12 creative ways of using the Zibu Symbol of Release – Rakuna.

  1. To combat Anxiety: It is common to feel anxious, nervous or even stressed from time to time. You can draw this symbol a few times on your third eye or just visualize it being drawn on your third eye a few times while chanting “Rakuna” each time the symbol is drawn, to relieve yourself of anxiety or stress.
  2. To assist in breathing better: Often during summer or due to stress, we find it difficult to breathe easily. You can visualize drawing this symbol or draw it with your finger on your heart chakra a couple of times while chanting Rakuna to release stress; become buoyant and assist in easier breathing.
  3. Chakra clearing: You can draw this symbol on your palms or visualize it being drawn on your entire energy body to release blocks and stagnant energy. You can draw this symbol individually on each chakra or can draw one huge symbol in your mind’s eye on your entire energy body to clear your energy field of any unwanted energetic debris. Remember to chant Rakuna while doing so for further enhancing its effect.
  4. To clear Traffic Problems: Often in the cities, we encounter major traffic jams and bottlenecks that take a while to clear. By simply visualizing this symbol on our path ahead we actually call upon…
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