Can You Use Heart Energy to Manifest a Relationship?

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When you attract others to you with heart energy, you can attract those who are of like-mindedness. Learning about them and being at one with them can attract relationships to you that will help you gain strength and confidence in your abilities. Knowing things that you need to know that will help you to learn more about your life and about your possibilities will also help you to find others who are of like-mindedness.

Many times they say that opposites attract. And yes, it is true that there must be opposites to some degree, but heart energy does not see an opposing faction as an attraction. Heart energy only sees other heart energy and attracts that energy to it.

If you send out heart energy and you find no one around you who is of like-mindedness…, you cannot feel their heart energy…then it is your duty to step outside of where you have always been, have always gone, and try to find those who are of like-mindedness such that you can feel their goodness. In doing so you might manifest a relationship that you would like to be a part of.

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It does not always mean that you must physically move from where you are to find those who also are sending out heart energy. Please remember that energy flows through all things. Just like Superman can see through buildings with his X-ray vision, heart energy can move through all types of products including lead walls. It can go through all things.

You may be able to stay stationary, send out your heart energy, and meet energy that is coming from others who are doing exactly the same thing. Eventually you will get to where you need to be such that you will be in the same place where they are at. At that point you will find heart energy, love energy, and you will meet that attraction and see then if a relationship can form.

Relationships are a two-way street where you must have someone on the other side coming towards you. Although you are moving on your path, there are people moving towards you on their path, but it is a matter of finding ones who are of like-mindedness and whose path is not necessarily crossing yours, but is parallel so that you may be able to reach out your hand and touch them and know that they are there.

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In the relationship that you are trying to build and that you are trying to manifest, there must be a place in time for this to occur. As soon as that time happens, as soon as you are there, as soon as you have walked down the path that you have needed to walk to find this place in time, the relationship will manifest for you.

Please remember that free will is very important. You still have choices to make once you meet others with expanding heart energy to decide if they are someone you want to have certain relationships with. Meeting people and knowing them is one thing. Deepening a relationship is something totally and utterly different. It is something that is again part of your free will to determine if you want to continue with that relationship or not.

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