7 Daily Uses Of Frankincense Essential Oil

My first real introduction with Frankincense essential oil was few years ago when I purchased an essential oil kit. To be honest I bought it partly because it included frankincense essential oil. Anyway, I was intuitively in love with this oil even though I didn’t really know how to use it. And of course needless to say that it became one of my favorite essential oils and one of most used as well.

Frankincense essential oil can make a perfect companion to literally anyone, from beauty queens to spiritual seekers. From my personal experience with frankincense for the past years I want to highlight and share my top 7 and most practical daily uses of this wonderful essential oil.

  1. Meditation enhancer. Frankincense can help to slow and deepen breathing, it helps us to stay focused during the meditation and in general create this highly spiritual atmosphere which makes the whole practice of meditation easier and more spiritual. No surprise it was used for this purpose for thousands of years. And it’s one of my favorite oils to diffuse during meditations. Put 3-5 drops of frankincense in a diffuser few minutes before your practice and get ready to connect with the Divine.
  2. Align and open chakras. Frankincense has affinity with all chakras, it helps to overcome fears, rise our vibrations, strengthen our confidence, bring gratitude into our life, release judgement, bring inner wisdom and transcend the limitations of our mind. Whenever I’m not in the mood of making a blend or if I would have only one essential oil to choose from I’d use frankincense, from personal experience I find it working beautifully to balance energy centers.  
  3. Inhaling frankincense essential oil may help to ease anxious feelings and calm the worry. It can also help to calm the sense of irritability and nervousness. Every time I feel worried or anxious or restless I would inhale frankincense and it literally helps to ease these feelings in no time. Try making an inhaler or roller ball bottle to carry with you in a handbag for easy use or simply inhale from the bottle or from your palms when needed. 
  4. Helps with study. Similarly like during the meditation frankincense helps to get centered and improve our mental focus, it can help to boost concentration during study time. Surprisingly, I found that diffusing frankincense helps to absorb information faster. Add frankincense essential oil to your diffuser alone with a drop of rosemary, lemon and cedarwood to enhance focus and concentration.
  5. Supports healthy respiratory system. Frankincense is very soft and gentle in its actions yet is very effective, mix a drop or two with carrier oil or make a chest rub to sooth the cough. I prefer frankincense or copaiba essential oils when it comes to using with kids, especially when applying topically due to its very gentle effect. If suffering with ongoing respiratory issues inhaling frankincense on a regular basis can benefit you as well, use it in oil blends, in a cream,…
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