How Reiki Is Accomplished to Draw Energy from Conscious to Superconscious State of the Mind – Episode 2

Article by Jaswinder Bhalla

Since the ages, there are many practices that help with achieving internal purification. Shat-karma, mantra-chanting, and meditation in yoga. In Reiki, there are The Five Principles, cleansing aura, healing body with Reiki symbols and advance meditations technique for healing the body, mind, and soul. Reiki works according to nature’s law of Cause and Effect and Like Attracts Like. Reiki is a cosmic energy that works with symbols, visualization/thought, and sound.

Our body’s chakras and organs resonate distinct sound patterns and signify the work according to that being assigned to them. For example, the Root chakra is the powerhouse of basics needs, survival, and security. Reiki provides all of the tools to cope with the problems that the mind has created since ages and carried forwarded all sorts of suffering to mankind.

When the entire body is influenced under nerve current that stops all the conditioned thought of the mind; real wisdom arises out of one’s own self-realization of truth that provides the meaning of life. True freedom arises when the mind is fully controlled. The word and thought, are inseparable, part of being and without them life is impossible; so long as man has existed on this earth, there have been words (Shabad) and language. If there is a word then the sound would definitely stimulate each and every chakra of the body along with major organs of the body. Molecular vibration never ceases, it remains in the atoms whether things are destroyed or not hardly matter. So prior to setting on a journey of superconsciousness one needs to tame the mind. Aversion and craving have been calmed down by awareness of breathing, this is the tool which keeps the mind tranquil at least at the conscious plane, the wisdom that comes of experiences during awareness would enable one to become free from these conditionings.

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The first lesson is to control the breath; in a measured way that harmonises the system, that harmonises the prana flows in the body through spinal cord in nerves originating from the specific sub-centres. Rhythmic breathing is required for the purposes of controlling the nerves firstly. The nerve centre that controls the respiratory organs has a sort of controlling effect on the other’s nerves too. The effect of rhythmically breathing would be felt within a few days that manifests in refine voice, glow on the face, body becomes light and meditation seems to be easier which is not felt before; when one breathes naturally, it will control the motion of the lungs which acts upon the nerve currents further to which flows within the entire body, so gradually all the major Nadis are becoming active and starting to break the suffering of being that are buried in lower planes since ages. These suffering are the unhealthy bonds that have been collected when one has been under an immense emotional state of the mind or when the perception has been conceived wrongly under the influence of some…

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