Why Should You Never Leave Energy Lingering in Transition?

“Reiki is a universal energy which flows through the practitioners’ hands to promote healing”. This is all that I was told when I learnt Reiki. Nobody told me that while we draw the energy from the Universe for healing some aspect of our self or somebody else, we are also displacing an equal proportion of energy from the recipient. It is like first ploughing the land before enriching the field with fertilizer. So, where does this ploughed soil (displaced energy) go? Common sense says, it has to either go back to the field (recipient) or it has to be removed from the field and dumped somewhere else (healer’s aura?). The displaced energy usually manifests as an imbalance in the healers energetic system or goes back to the recipient. This is a lesson which many of us have learnt the hard way – through experience!

I ran into this happenstance through sheer serendipity. After healing a client at a distance who had complained of feeling low and having a depressive tendency, I realized my body was feeling numb and was going into a paralytic shock. I could not hear or feel anything in my surrounding and my body was freezing. This had never occurred to me before; however, I knew what I had to do next. I found myself lying on the floor with my hands on my Crown chakra calling for Reiki. I was intuitively guided to lie down wherever I was and place my hands on my body and it worked. I saw white light enveloping my body and I came out of the shock within minutes. I did not know what had happened to me all of a sudden but I knew it had something to do with the healing that I had passed on to the client a few minutes earlier. My curiosity made me talk to some of my friends in the healing circle and they had similar stories of taking up the client’s energy and exhibiting symptoms similar to that of the client. I researched furthermore to find out the reason; why do healers take up the clients energies at times, even when they had followed the basic hygiene of protecting their and the clients aura?

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After many more healing sessions and as I kept researching on the metaphysics of energy, I discovered that the answer lies in the fundamental law of energy – The Law of Conservation of Energy! Herein, I found the answer to my and most of my healer friend’s quandary. If protecting one’s aura is important, managing the displaced energy is even more crucial! Before I explain the why and the how of handling energy aptly, let us first understand this basic Universal Law.

Law of Conservation of Energy

“…there is a certain quantity, which we call energy, that does not change in manifold changes which nature undergoes… it is just a strange fact that we can calculate some number and when we finish watching nature go through her tricks and calculate the number again, it is the same”.
— The Feynman Lectures on Physics (1961)

The law of…

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