How to Make Roll-on Blend

Hey guys, I bet you’ve seen a lot of roll-on blends being sold in shops, and of course there are plenty of recipes on internet. They are very convenient to use on-the-go, to travel, carry with you in a hand bag, even using it with kids (in a lower dilution).

But there is one “but” here. How much do you need to dilute your essential oils for the roller ball bottle blend? 50/50?

Oh no, that’s way too much, especially if you plan on using it often or with kids, like I do.

In general considering the safety try keeping it 3-5% which means for 10 ml roller bottle use about 6-10 drops. If you use it short term (ex., acute cases like strong headache or muscle cramp) you can go up to 10% which is about 20 drops for 10 ml bottle. The rest fill with carrier oil. Tip: start from small and if needed add more of essential oils. It’s always easier to add rather then to remove.

If you want to make a roll-on blend for kids (2 and above), or pregnant woman better to keep it around 1-2% only or 2-4 drops of essential oils for 10 ml roller bottle, remaining space fill with carrier oil.

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amount of drops may vary depending on the size of a drop and viscosity of an oil, 1 ml may have 20 drops and 40 drops of essential oil. Some oils I used the drops were very small and some were bigger.

Happy blending friends.



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