How to Use a Feng Shui Dream Catcher for Peaceful Dreams and Better Sleep!

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Could you use a better night’s sleep?

Do you often have bad dreams or nightmares?

Would you like to ward off negative energy from your home or bedroom?

If so, using a dream catcher in your home can help! Not only are dream catchers good feng shui, but they also have a long history of filtering negative energy while promoting positive energy and good dreams!

feng shui dream catcher hanging outside

What is a Dream Catcher?

Dream catchers were first created by Native Americans as protective charms for infants.

They were traditionally hung over cribs or beds to protect infants from harm.

They were made using willow hoops, sinew thread, and usually feathers and other sacred symbols.

The threads were usually woven to resemble a spider’s web, which was meant to catch anything that would bring harm to the child.

As dream catchers were adopted by other Native American and Indigenous tribes across the content, they added their own charms and sacred symbols to them.

Dream catchers now are used by people from all cultures and backgrounds as a symbol of good luck and protection.

In feng shui, dream catchers represent good luck, happiness, and prosperity.

They filter and cleanse negative energy, catching it so that it can’t circulate.

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Keeping a dream catcher in your bedroom can help decrease insomnia and ward off bad dreams.

Keeping a dream catcher in your home’s knowledge and spirituality area, or your meditation room, can help with spiritual wisdom and insight for everyone in your home.

Dream catchers help create a peaceful environment that increases well-being and positivity for everyone in your home.

where to place a dream catcher in your home according to feng shui

The Benefits of a Feng Shui Dream Catcher

  • Promotes positive energy in your home and bedroom
  • Attracts good luck and happiness
  • Wards off negative energy, including bad dreams and nightmares
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Creates a calm and relaxing bedroom
  • Can reduce insomnia and other sleep disorders

Feng Shui Dream Catcher Meanings

Material Meanings

Everything in your home has meaning in feng shui, which means the materials that make up your dream catcher also have meaning.

Materials like wood, string, leather, and feathers activate the earth element.

The earth element is responsible for grounding and stability, as well as creating a strong foundation in life.

Dream catchers with earth materials are excellent in the bedroom or in your home’s health area to cleanse negative energy and increase health and well-being.

Crystals can activate the earth element or the metal element, depending on the type of crystal.

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Of course, crystals have their own meanings and vibrations, so you can choose dream catchers with different types of crystals to help you activate different intentions.

Dream catchers with rose quartz, for example, can decrease stress and also attract love and romance. Dream catchers made with amethyst are excellent for dispelling negative energy and decreasing insomnia.

And different types of feathers also carry different meanings.

You can choose feathers of various colors to activate that color’s energy or activate one of the feng shui elements.

Or you can choose feathers that come from specific birds, like eagles or peacocks, to activate that meaning and energy in your home.

dream catcher with feathers and beads

Color Meanings

The color of the dream catcher also has meaning in Feng Shui. Each color is associated with a specific energy, and it is important to choose a color that aligns with the desired energy flow in the room.

White is the most common color for dream catchers and is believed to promote purity and clarity.

Red: passion, love, romance, fire, activation, action, strength
Orange: enthusiasm, encouragement, youth, spontaneity, warmth
Yellow: happiness, optimism, positive energy, intellect, perspective, confidence
Green: prosperity, growth, good fortune, luck, generosity, health, harmony
Purple: royalty, luxury, spiritual growth, wisdom, enlightenment
Blue: security, loyalty, “true blue,” responsibility, trust, peace, honesty
Pink: compassion, love, romance, nurturing, intuition, feminine energy, playfulness
Black: power, elegance, sophistication, strength, protection
Brown: stability, grounding, protection, reliability, dependability
Gold: luxury, wealth, success, achievement, accomplishment

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When choosing the color for a dream catcher, it is important to consider the desired energy flow in the room and choose a color that aligns with that energy.

For more information about color meanings, see this post: feng shui color meanings: using color energy in your home

Feng Shui Rules for Hanging a Dream Catcher

Once you have chosen the perfect spot for your feng shui dream catcher, it’s time to hang it up. Here are a few steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Choose a location that is meaningful to you. This could be above your bed, near a window, or in a place where you often meditate or practice yoga.
  • Step 2: Determine the…

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