How to Win Contests with the Law of Attraction

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Do you imagine that one day you’ll open your mailbox and see a check for $1,000,000? Do you hope to receive a phone call telling you that you won a new car? Do you want to know why everyone else wins, but not you? The secret lies in the Law of Attraction…and now you too can know how to win contests online and offline.

Winning big in sweepstakes, contests and lotteries isn’t a fantasy. You can make you dream a reality if your desire is strong enough.

If you’re like most people, you already enjoy the thrill of taking a chance, filling out the entry, buying a ticket, so that you can hear your name called as the winner. It’s fun and exciting to win.

But not everyone wins. Only a few people do and it’s usually the same people who win over and over again. How do they win contests all the time?

It comes down to three simple things:

  1. They know exactly what they want.
  2. They visualize having it.
  3. They believe it’s theirs.
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Basically, they have a winning attitude.

They don’t feel guilty about winning.

They don’t question whether they deserve to win.

They don’t doubt that they will win.

Remember, the Law of Attraction says that your thoughts create. So if you want to win contests, sweepstakes or the lottery, the Law of Attraction requires you to think like a winner.

A winner feels happy about winning.

A winner believes he deserves to win.

A winner knows that winning is her destiny.

You have the power to be a winner. You can win every contest, sweepstakes or lottery you enter.

What do you want to win?

Do you want to win money, a car, a trip, a camera?

Why do you want it? Will it make your life better, your family happy, your neighbors jealous? Will it save you time or money? Will it fulfill a lifelong dream?

Let yourself have fun with this. There is no set time to accomplish your goals.

Every day, visualize your goals.

Imagine what it would be like to take photographs with new camera.

Hear the sound of your closest friends congratulating you on winning a new car.

Imagine waking up each morning in the hotel room while you’re on your dream vacation.

Visualize it every day as if you already have it.

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Believe you won the contest.

Rest in calm assurance that you are the winner.

Prepare to receive your prizes. Make room for your new TV. Clear off a space to set up your new computer. Decide how you’re going to spend all of your money.

That’s all there is to it.

Remember, you never fail to win anything. You just experience a delay in results. Keep asking, visualizing, and believing.

Winning is your destiny.

Now that you know how to win contests with the Law of Attraction it’s time to get out there and start winning!

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