My Mother’s Manifestation Box – A Law of Attraction Success Story

My mother has a manifestation box. It’s really just a shoe box covered in scraps of Christmas wrapping paper. It looks like an explosion of Christmases past.

She’s used it for about ten years now with tremendous success. Her first time using it she just threw in a bunch of pictures of things she’d like in a house. She manifested a house that had everything she wanted, just not quite in the way she envisioned them.

For example, she wanted a library with built-in bookcases, so she tossed a picture of a built-in bookcase in her manifestation box. She now has a single built-in bookcase next to her living room fireplace…not quite the same thing as a library.

She quickly learned that when she puts things in her manifestation box she needs to be as clear as possible…just as you need to do with anything you want to manifest.

My mother’s manifestation box works because it helps her release any resistance she has to manifesting her desires. She’ll put really outrageous things in it that she wouldn’t normally think possible, but because it eliminates her resistance, it works.

A few years ago, she used her manifestation box to get a new job. And boy was she successful! She manifested the company she wanted, the location she wanted, the exact position, and even a massive increase in salary. The company even contacted her to see if she wanted to work for them. It only took her six weeks to manifest it.

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She decided to try it again this year for a new job. She got clear on what she wanted, made a list describing exactly what her new job would be like (e.g., huge salary increase, what it’d be like to work there, and so on). She placed her list in her manifestation box and forgot about it.

She has the job she asked for, but it’s not quite what she intended. Yes, her salary increased the amount she wanted and she only has to go into the office 3 days a week, but she forgot one key element.

What’s the problem? She has the same job at the same company. Yes, the same job, the same title, the same company, just fewer days in the office and more money. Nothing else has changed.

What did she want? A different job at a different company for less work and more money. You’re probably wondering why she’s complaining because what she got is great, but she really wanted to work somewhere else.

You’ve experienced a time like that yourself…maybe you are now.

The manifestation box worked so well that my mother never asked her boss if she could go into the office fewer days a week. He brought it up to her – “Traffic’s been so bad lately, why don’t you work from home two days a week.” She never asked him for more money. It was simply given to her. And how long did it take? Three weeks.

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But she’s back to the drawing board. Less work and more money aren’t enough to make her stay. This time she made sure that when she placed her order to the Universe in the manifestation box, she didn’t leave anything out. She didn’t just assume the Universe knows what she wants.

Do you know what the best part is?

After only one week she has an interview at a different company for a different job, which incidentally, pays even more.

So yes, this manifesting stuff does work. You simply have to get clear about what you want, ask for it, and allow it to happen. If you feel any resistance, try the manifestation box technique. It worked for my mother.

How to Make a Manifestation Box

Just get a box. Any box will do – an old shoe box, a cardboard shipping box, or a nice box purchased just for the occasion.

Personalize the box. Really make it yours.

My mother covered hers with scraps of old Christmas wrapping paper. Her idea was to turn it into a special gift that unwrapped itself all year long by granting her wishes.

Put in your manifestation box what you want to manifest.

If it’s a car, you can put in pictures of your car, a list of specs and features… or you can write down everything you want in your car, as described in How to Use the Law of Attraction for a Car.

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Once you put it in your manifestation box, you’re done. Forget about it. Just have faith and trust that your manifestation box will make your desires a reality.

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