How to Identify Limiting Beliefs

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Whatever you give your attention to has the power to create. Limiting beliefs are those negative thoughts you think over and over and over again. They’re the ones that create negative manifestations in your life and prevent you from creating what you want most.

Limiting beliefs seem to be very powerful because they are things you have thought for a long time. They come quite naturally to you.

It’s like a snowball effect. The more energy you give to these negative thoughts, the more you think them.

You may have given them so much energy over the years that they are now the main thing you think – all the time!

But the problem with these negative thoughts is that they can act like a brick wall holding you in place. They are invisible obstacles holding you back from success, turning your life into a self-fulling prophecy.

Your limiting beliefs tell you something is impossible and so it is.

Your limiting beliefs tell you that all the good men are taken, and so you manifest scenarios where they are!

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Your limiting beliefs tell you weight loss is hard and it is – for you.

That’s why it’s important to identify limiting beliefs. Once you find your limiting beliefs, you can eliminate them.

Here are some ways you can identify your limiting beliefs:

Using Feelings to Identify Limiting Beliefs

Your feelings are a built-in tool to help you find limiting beliefs.

It’s as simple as checking-in to see what you are feeling in any moment in time.

Are you scared, nervous, impatient, frustrated, obsessing, doubtful? Well, guess what!?! Whatever you’re thinking that is producing those feelings is a limiting belief.

Your negative feelings are how you identify self-limiting beliefs.

Don’t fight the negative feelings! Don’t try to resist them or suppress them! Just notice that they are there and allow them to be. You’ll notice that they will start to fade on their own.

find self limiting beliefs

Journaling: An Exercise to Find Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

You know your words and thoughts have the power to create. But if you’re like most people, you don’t always pay attention to the internal dialogue going on in your head. You don’t listen to what it’s really telling you. That’s where journaling comes in!

Journaling is an exercise that helps you uncover limiting beliefs by showing you what is going on in your head in a way you haven’t been looking at it.

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Step-by-step journaling for limiting beliefs guide

You’ll need something you can use for writing – pen and paper, a computer, a tablet… Whatever you prefer.

1. Pick a goal or dream you want to manifest or an area where you feel stuck.

2. Get in touch with your thoughts. Start writing down everything that comes to you. Don’t edit anything. Don’t dismiss anything. It all matters.

If you need help, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • What will happen if your dream manifests. What will you lose? What might you have to change? What might go wrong? What problems will arise?
  • What can’t be changed that is preventing you from achieving your goal?
  • Where are you not good enough to get what you want? Are you too tall? Do you procrastinate too much?
  • What is it about this dream that you don’t want? What are you trying to avoid?
  • Why isn’t it possible for you to manifest your desire?
  • What makes manifesting your goal wrong?
  • What is preventing change? What is keeping you stuck?
  • Why won’t things get better?
  • Why will things never change? What are the obstacles?
  • Why don’t you deserve to get what you want?

3. Write until you have nothing left. You might be drained. Your mind should be quiet.

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4. Look back over what you wrote. Highlight every negative thought – everything that is the opposite of what you want to create, every complaint, every criticism – all of it.

You should see a pattern forming. Some of the negative thoughts might overlap.

Everything you’ve found is a limiting belief.

You can even do this with emails and text messages you write to others.

Now that you know how to identify limiting beliefs, you may want to read this article on how to dissolve them for good!

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