40 Affirmations for Love, Romance and Relationships

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These positive affirmations for love can help you find love, happiness and romance.

Love affirmations help you turn around the negative thoughts about love running in your head. The “I’m not good enough,” “I’m not pretty enough,” “I’m too old,” or “I’ll never find my soulmate” are negative stories keeping you from having the love life you want.

When you start to consciously use positive affirmations for love and romance, you’ll not only start to change your thoughts, your life will also change. How? Because when you start to change your thoughts, you change your vibration and begin to attract love to you.

Affirmations can be used to spice up your love life, have more happiness in your marriage, or to attract a life long romantic relationship.

Here are some affirmations to get you started:

Affirmations for love and happiness

  1. I give and receive love freely and joyfully.
  2. I find love everywhere I go. Life is amazing!
  3. I love being with people who bring out the best in me.
  4. I see myself as being filled with love and happiness.
  5. I feel like I matter. I am a contribution to this world.
  6. I accept that I don’t have to do anything to be loved and happy.
  7. I love myself totally.
  8. I accept that I can receive love and happiness right now!
  9. I accept that I am infinitely loved.
  10. I am loved. I am loved. I am loved!
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Affirmations for relationships

  1. I attract relationships to me that are for the highest good of all.
  2. I love sharing amazing conversations with my friends, family and lover.
  3. I enjoy and thrive in the company of great friends.
  4. I love laughing and having fun in my relationships.
  5. I love that my relationships are in harmony with my highest good.
  6. I accept that I am loved and treasured for who I really AM.
  7. I give and receive love freely and fully in all my relationships.
  8. I love being supported by my friends, family, and relationships.
  9. I enjoy sharing the real me in relationships.
  10. I know with every fiber of my being that the Universe is bringing me only the most supportive, loving, and awesome relationships!

Affirmations for love and marriage

  1. I love that my marriage is becoming deeper, stronger, and more loving every day.
  2. My spouse loves and accepts me just as I am.
  3. I thrive and enjoy being in a loving, supportive, and happy marriage.
  4. I feel safe and secure with my partner.
  5. I adore being loved and wanted by my partner.
  6. I accept that a warm, loving, committed marriage is mine right now.
  7. I love loving and being loved by my mate.
  8. I enjoy being loved and treasured by my amazing, kind, and generous partner.
  9. I accept perfect divine love right now.
  10. I go through life knowing how loved I am.
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Affirmations for love and romance

  1. A river of romance fills my life with love and joy.
  2. I love that my relationship is becoming more romantic every day.
  3. I enjoy how my partner showers me with romance.
  4. I find romance everywhere I go.
  5. I let my partner surprise and delight me with romance.
  6. I love filling my relationship with romance.
  7. I give and receive romance freely and happily.
  8. I accept that I can receive romance right now.
  9. I am open to receiving more romance in my life.
  10. I love romance and romance loves me.

You can use any of these affirmations for love alone, or combine them based on your needs.

The key is to connect with your love affirmation, and say it with a high vibration and heart energy.

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