10 Great Law of Attraction Gift Ideas

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It’s that time of year again! The holidays are upon us, and it’s time to pick up gifts for friends, loved ones, and maybe even yourself (don’t deny it…you’ve been tempted…maybe you’ve actually given in and bought something for yourself…I admit I have.)

For many people, gifts are a last minute rush without much thought given to the process. This year, I’ve put together a list of Law of Attraction gift ideas to help you give your loved ones gifts that can transform their lives.

Some of you may be concerned about your finances at this time of year. The Law of Attraction is about positive intentions. Set a positive intention that everything will turn out well. Rest in the knowledge that you are bringing your loved ones joy, love and caring just by being in their lives. A kind word or a helping hand can be the best gift of all.


Law of Attraction Gift Ideas

This beautiful “Choose Joy” Planner is a wonderful reminder to keep your vibrational energy high and to always reach for the better feeling. It also makes a great Law of Attraction gratitude journal or vision board notebook.
Law of Attraction Cards by Abraham-Hicks are a gentle reminder that you have control over what you experience in life. Filled with affirmations and quotes, this is a gift that can raise your loved one’s vibrational energy, helping them to manifest faster and more easily. If you would like cards on a specific topic, Abraham-Hicks also offers Law of Attraction cards that are focused on manifesting money and improving health.
The Neville Reader by Neville Goddard[ – Neville was one of the top Law of Attraction teachers of his time, and remains so today. The Neville Reader is a collection of 7 of his books. It’s filled with inspiring success stories, clear how-to instructions, and covers every area you can think of. It’s a gift idea for all levels of Law of Attraction mastery – the complete beginner to the advanced student.
The Secret to Puppy Love: Using law of attraction and mindfulness in dog training……and in life by Karen Palmer – Is the person on your gift list a dog lover? If so, they’ll probably enjoy this book explaining how to apply the Law of Attraction to dog training. It introduces the Law of Attraction, explains what dogs try to teach their owners, shows how to use the Law of Attraction to resolve dog behavioral issues, and much more.
Visualization – The Power of Your Heart! by Carole Dore – If the person you’re shopping for is a commuter, these audios will teach and inspire while passing the time. This is a fantastic program for understanding how the Law of Attraction is about your heart more than your mind. Every time I listen to this program, the Law of Attraction speeds up in my life. It’s that powerful!
The Law of Attraction Tarot Deck – Inspired by the Rider-Waite Tarot tradition, this Tarot deck is designed to help you put the Law of Attraction into action through Tarot. It comes with a book that explains both the cards and the Law of Attraction, making it the perfect gift for any Tarot lover, whether new to the Law of Attraction or a long-time pro.
Ask and It Is Given by Abraham-Hicks – This powerful book gives a lot of insight into the Law of Attraction. It will help your gift recipient tap into the power of their emotions, allowing them to know what they are manifesting. Filled with fun and practical exercises, this book makes a great gift for beginner-to-immediate Law of Attraction students.
The Faith, Hope & Love Journal inspires and reminds that the Law of Attraction is working to bring your desire…simply keep the faith and love life. This journal would make a great Law of Attraction gift for anyone who keeps a gratitude journal or lists of their desires.
Deep Alpha: Brainwave Synchronization for Meditation automatically puts you into the state of mind best used for Law of Attraction visualization. It’s the “state akin to sleep” discussed by Neville Goddard. This Law of Attraction gift can help your loved one visualize more easily and achieve faster results with the Law of Attraction.
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