Letting Go of Limitations In Order to Accelerate the Law of Attraction

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As you decide what you want to manifest, it is time to letting go of limitations you don’t want to take with you.

You’re not just throwing out anything that doesn’t serve you. You’re harnessing the energy of your dreams to accelerate the Law of Attraction.

This powerful step is essential to creating your most incredible year.

Letting go of limitations cleans out all the internal gunk that holds you back from effortless manifestation.

In Step 1, we covered knowing what you want to manifest with complete clarity. Now we look at the hurdles in your life, the problems, and all the things you have attracted that you just don’t want anymore. These are all limitations. It’s time to let go of your limitations!

letting go of limitations

Normally, when people focus on letting go of the stuff that is limiting them or holding them down, they look at the world around them. They might ask themselves, “Who or what is causing me to have negative thoughts, anger, fear, doubt, worry, frustration, pain, or sadness?” They then try to get rid of it or change it so that it suits them better.

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This is the wrong approach to letting go of your limitations! It doesn’t solve the problem and can make things worse.

Nothing outside of you can cause you to feel a certain way!

Anything outside of you is only a result of what you have created. Everything begins and ends with you.

Steps for Letting Go of Limitations

I want you to look very closely at yourself and your life. Ask yourself:

1. “Where do I have unmet needs?” An unmet need exists when you think something or someone can make you feel better. For example, an unmet need occurs when you believe you would feel better if your father would tell you he is proud of you.

2. “What are my hidden agendas?” A hidden agenda exists when you do something thinking that you’ll get something else in return. An example is the belief that winning the lottery will give you security.

3. “What am I conscious of having?” What you have right now is what you are conscious of having. Everything that you are trying to create in the future is creating want, not having. An example is saying that you want a new job, but until you are conscious of having a new job now (regardless of what your reality looks like), you will only create more “wanting a new job.”

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Really take the time to answer these questions as thoroughly as you can. You will gain a lot of insight into yourself, your life, your limitations, and what you want to create.

Once you have your answers, look at the list you created in Step 1. Focus in on the feelings you stated that you want each desire to give you. The feelings are what you want to create.

Those feelings, along with what you uncovered by answering the questions above, are what you want to concentrate on to create your most incredible year. When you engage those feelings and become one with them, you will find yourself letting go of limitations naturally.

Limitations will fall away easily as they are replaced by you consciously having your desires.

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