Chakras 101

The entire universe is a manifestation of energy, which is present in all forms that we see and perceive. As a part of the universe we also consist of energy, we generate, burn and transform energy in our body.

In our subtle body we have spinning energy centers, called chakras, also knows as “wheels of life”. Representing as vital life-forces (prana, qi, ki), each chakra reflects an aspect of consciousness essential to our lives.

Aura is interconnected energy field that surrounds us and extends beyond our physical body. It consists of several layers, also called energy bodies, that suspend around us in an oval shape. Each auric field aligns with an individual level of consciousness through our chakras.

Each subtle body connect into the physical body via energy center or chakra, which directs the energy to the physical body through the meridian system (better known in Traditional Chinese Medicine). There are 7 major chakras and several minor chakras. When our chakras are aligned and harmonized with each other, they create a sense of wholeness within our mental, emotions, physical and spiritual bodies.

Chakras are inextricably linked with the science, practice and philosophy of yoga, which teaches us the oneness of mind, body and spirit. Chakras can be open, closed, deficient, in excess or in development. It can be an aspect throughout the life or can be changing from moment to moment in response to a situation.

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By understanding the philosophical significance of each chakra we can bring a new light of understanding of our life. Each chakra corresponds with a specific area of our life.

Root chakra, or Muladhara, represents survival, security, stability, grounding. It’s a foundation of chakra system, the building block on which all other chakras must rest. Root chakra is directly linked to our survival needs and sense of belonging. By aligning and grounding Muladhara chakra we can feel more safe, secure, centered, stable and supported in our lives.

Sacral chakra, or Svadhisthana, represents our desires, pleasure in life, sexuality, sensuality, procreation, nurturing. The vibration of this chakra aligns us to the feeling of joy. Through desire we create movement which in its turn creates change. It’s also a center of our emotional connections and attachments.

Solar Plexus chakra, or Manipura, represents our actions, will-power, self-esteem, assertiveness, confidence, courage, purpose. This is also a place of our control issues. Stress-related issues, fear, anxiety, worry, frustration, doubt arise out of lack of control. The vibration of this chakra aligns us with the feeling of knowing our position in life, with being in charge for our own life.

Heart chakra, or Anahata, represents compassion, love, receptivity, acceptance, gratitude, forgiveness. It’s a bridge between our physical and spiritual aspirations, it’s a place where we transcend our personal identity and limitations of the ego. Anahata chakra opens the appreciation of…

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